Leadership Article

All leaders come with great traits in life. What inspires them is the inspiration and motivation from the heart. People now and forever look up to a leader, talk about a leader, and remember the leader legacy they left behind. That legacy consists of highlighting all of the strengths and weaknesses of individual or people in leadership roles.

In this essay I will address the key points in attitudes towards leadership. Leadership to me is not getting people to follow you, but instead I think leadership is leading and inspiring people to do good things, that way it passes on to next generation. Role models are a good examples of leadership, they gives kids something to believe in and someone to trust. “The 7 habits for happy kids,” gives an early exposure of everlasting self-enrichment, this shows for a brighter future. The lessons taught in “The 7 habits for happy kids,” are things people usually wouldn’t find out about the seven habits until their senior year in high school or the beginning of college. Imagine if all children were taught these habits at a young age, it would enhance their ability to make them better individuals in society.

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My inspiration and motivation is to seek the best in everything I do. My inspiration will always come from my parents and what they shown me through life. As they guide me through life and show me the ropes I will inherit from them and will use what I inherit to my advantage in the real world. Going to Notre Dame Preparatory is seeking out the best education. Notre Dame Preparatory gives opportunities for one to express themselves in different ways like for instance their academy clubs. At Notre Dame Preparatory you get to learn how to communicate in diverse learning environment.

For centuries we have had great leaders. Martin Luther King Jr. fought many hardships for years, but in the end finally got his results. Nelson Mandela sought reconciliation with his political enemies rather than retaliating against them. Mahatma Gandhi had charisma, deliberateness, patience, and taught non-violence.

All these amazing leaders had one thing in common, passion. Passion kept them all on a path to succeed. The aspects of leadership relates to me in various of ways. An example of how I see me taking the role of a leader is how I take the time and effort to create a dance routine at my school. I notice that it take a lot of work involving others to come together to put this dance routine.

The effects of making this dance routine do not just affect me, but the other dancers can see their role and my place as I lead them into this dance. A second way is when I and my mother got up early in the morning to the city of Auburn Hills, their meals on wheels program for us to deliver to the older citizens in the community. In conclusion, learning about “The 7 habits for happy kids,” will be my bases of how I live, think, and continue on learning about different things around the world and teaches me more about becoming a prospective leader.