Learning About the Holocaust

What age or grade is appropriate to learn about the Holocaust while in school?I think it’s important for all students to learn/know about the Holocaust. I feel it’s important,because if you don’t know about the Holocaust how are people suppose to know to do better than how theywere. I believe that it was a very horrible time for people,but if this didn’t happen how would the world be different today? If it didn’t happen I strongly believe that the world would be a bit more like how it was back then.

Where there could be slaves,and German Nazis killing and harassing blamelesspeople. It might bea wholeworld just like the Holocaust just not as bad all the time. There could be people still being sent to concentration camps,or having genocides. For as many people the Nazi Germans sent to these horrible places i’m not sure how they still had dignity,it was a horrible thing for them to do I still can’t understand how they were able to look at themselves the same. One thing that is the same is we still have ghettos.

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Which is just a duller part of a city. The big question is when. When is the appropriate time to share this information with children?If you share these details with children at a younger age they may not fully understand what it all means. They would grow up knowing about it and forming their own thoughts about this period of time though. I think that at any age younger than 12 is too early to be learning about this time in history.

If they learn before like I said before they won’t fully understand what it really means. Some might take it differently than other children. If the information is shared at an eighth grade level they may not be grown-up enough they will understand but it’s 13 and 14 year olds that like to make jokes about anything they can.If they are immature they content may be too serious for them. What you teach about the holocaust you have to pay attention to your audiences for the different things you can share. If you show/teach this at a high school level you can be taught well and informed about this even more.

The information may be heavy,and not just a broad outcast like if you’re in Pre-K -7th grade. The information will be given at the point so they will have so much information they will think they only have one thing to think about it. That it was bad and never should have happened. I agree with this but I also believe that if it didn’t happen our world would be different to this day. Other students may not believe this,because of all the they learned all in one “unit”.

Now I am an 8th grader and I believe this was a good time to learn about this. I feel eighth graders should be mature enough for the content. If you aren’t I don’t think you should be in eighth grade. Like I said before if students learn at a younger age they have more time while they are in school to learn about this time in history. I say this,because most people after high school aren’t going to spend their time learning/thinking allabout the Holocaust. Therefore if they learn earlier they still have more time to learn/think about this important time in history.I feel this is a significant thing to learn while in school,because if you don’t learn about the past how are we supposed to improve in the future.