Learning Is Good Free Essay Example

Learning is good for you.

Learning can be hard sometimes but it is worth it. I think so most of the time. Other times I just think it’s boring and I would rather be eating or playing games or something. Actually I feel that way most of the time. But I have to be here. My parents pay big money so I can learn good.

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If only they knew. My favorite class is lunch. I learn how to talk with my friends and how to eat my food cleaner. That is also my hardest class. I like to use my hands when I eat but that’s no good. They make stoopid rools so I can have fun never.

They should have hygiene class. I smell and I don’t know why. That’s actually important. No boys will respond to my mating calls if I stinky. All the boys here scare me.

They are big with doughy bodies and could crush me if we got into a fight. I get in fights a lot. Mostly in my head but they still happen. I like to start screaming in class when people are talking it helps my public speaking. In conclusion, math is good for counting big things. Especially if you want to move them places.