Pets in the Classroom Free Essay Example

Having pets in a classroom is something that is often argued in schools.Some people might say pets in the classroom are not a good idea because kids have allergies. However, pets could be a good idea in the classroom because kids are learning academics from them, they can learn responsibility and can increase the participation of students in the classroom.Pets should be in a classroom because students can learn a lot from them. Students can learn math, science, literacy from having pets in the classroom.”An animal in the classroom creates improved learning experiences for students as all areas of curriculum are enhanced.

“(Pets In The Classroom, Page 1)Having pets in the classroom make learning more fun for students. Teachers are teaching kids about responsibility when you have to take care of the animals in the classroom.”The process of seeing to the needs of something less capable helps your child understand the importance of being responsible and empathetic .”(Animals Make Good Teachers, Page 1) It is beneficial for kids to learn responsibility because it’s good to be able to take care of other things. Some students can better relate to animals than their fellow classmates. “Students who are shy or have trouble socially may benefit from having a pet in the classroom.

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“(Class Pets: Pros and Cons, Page 1)Since some kids are scared to talk to other classmates, they can have a pet in the classroom to talk to and feel comfortable around. Students all over are learning a lot having pets in the classroom.Students are learning to take care of other things besides themselves.Students are also learning math from having pets in the classroom.Having a pet in the classroom, can also help shy kids.

If you are a teacher and you can’t have pets in the classroom, maybe you can adopt a pet.