No More Pets in the Classroom

Pets in the classroom, sound fun but is it worth taking the risk. There are two sides of opinions of having pets in the classroom and they both have good sporting reasons for both sides.

Pets should be in the classroom because they can improve math, science, and literacy.However, some may argue that pets should not be in the classroom because they may not get proper care, not all pets are are social, and the pets can get injured.Pets should not be in the classroom for many reasons. There are animals that don’t get the proper care while in the classroom.Evidence suggests , “rabbits bond with their care takes and experts say that they literally die of broken heart when left alone in a dark room for hours,which often happens at the end of the school day”.

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(Classroom Critters, Page 1).Evidence also suggests, “Animals need food, water and most of all the attention, and some obviously need more than others.You should provide these thing on a regular basis. (Pets in the Classroom,page 1).This is important because that if the classroom pets do not get the proper care the pets will suffer and possibly they would even die and nobody wants to kill a innocent pet.If you have a pet in the classroom it might not be getting the proper care.

Not all pets are meant to be in a social environment.Evidence suggests, “Even without rough handling can cause an otherwise social animals to become timid and defenseless.” (Pass on the on the Classroom pets,page 1).This is important because maybe the pet may become shy and when a kid comes to pick the pet up the pet may bite the kid. All the pets have different social levels some are low some are high. The pets in a classroom can get injured.

Evidence suggests ,”Busy, noisy classrooms can be stressful,and small animals can be very adept at hiding symptoms of illness for injury a lifesaving attribute when trying to avoid predators in the wild,but less ideal in a setting where children are present”.(Pass on the Classroom pet,page 2) You do not want have a pet who has loved for cared for you should at least protect the classroom pets.In a classroom, pets can get injured. There are many reasons why pets should not be in the classroom.Why does it matter?It matters because you do not want to hurt the animals who are innocent that did nothing to you.There is a way to solve this problem.

Kids can look online to try find pets and you can see what they do in their natural habitat.What if a teacher walks into a 1st grade class with their 1st grade students and the pet has died?Think how heartbroken the kids would be?It will beneficial to keep pets out of the classroom.