Legal considerations: Employee Handbook

There are many legal considerations that the designers of the handbook should be aware of.

First, they need to ensure that the content of the book is free from any form of plagiarism. The information contained in the book should be the author’s original ideas. Whenever other people’s ideas are used, this should be acknowledges through citations references. In the performance evaluation section, all the legal provisions governing the employee-employer relations should be highlighted. This makes it easy for employees to be enlightened whenever they seek for information in the handbook. The legal rights of the employees should be covered just as exhaustively as those ofthe employer.

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The company employees who are overseeing the publication of the handbook should ensure that there are no legal loopholes with regard to commissioning writers, entering into agreements with publishers, acquiring the ISBN number and patents (Wolff, 2007). Ethical considerationsEvery photography company faces many challenges with regard to adherence to the ethical standards. The handbook should contain guidelines on how employees should avoid behaving in an unethical manner. The designers of the book should consider ethical issues in all perspectives: moral, justice and utilitarian. In order to acknowledge the vvarious manifestations of ethical breaches, there is need for researching widely as well as borrowing from the views of scholars of ethics (Oliver, 1997). Moreover, the designers should be keen to find out how other companies that deal in infant photography have gone about designing and publishing an employee handbook.

Although the profit motive of the company should always the first goal, ethical considerations should be accorded sufficient attention. This is because they are crucial in the process of building a positive business reputation. Employees should be provided with enough information on how to balance the profit motive and adherence to all ethical provisions governing the photography profession.