Lemon Poppyseed Bread

A lemon, sour and bitter, changes when my grandma mixes the ingredients together.Her lemon poppyseed bread makes lemon seem so fresh.

It relaxes my body. The glaze adds more flavor and makes it irresistible. It is the perfect dessert. My grandma’s lemon poppyseed bread is an amazing treat I look forward to every year. It tastes like fresh lemon, the freshest lemon I have ever had.

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It is the right mix on a winter night. When friends or family gather, it seems to be the right food to share and enjoy with company. Smiles and laughter fill the room when dessert is present.Everyone has their favorite treats, but I find my way to the poppyseed bread. I can smell the lemon flavored bread in the air. I save room during dinner so I can enjoy my dessert.

I grab a piece and it breaks in my hands. I take a bite. It tastes like lemon with a fresh presence.My grandma’s lemon poppyseed bread is the best treat that I will eat every year and never get sick of it.