Haccp Plan of Lemon Pork Cutlets

BSc in Hotel Management Food Hygiene and Safety Practice HTM2110 24027 BSc (HONS) Hotel Management Product: Lemon Pork Cutlets ABC Restaurant Submission Date: March 27 2013 Content 1. Scope: Hazards Name of Product Intended Use Process Potential Customers 2. Production Description 3. The HACCP Team 4. Process Flow Diagrams 5. HACCP Analysis Charts Ingredients Purchasing Ingredients Receiving Ingredients Storage Product Cooking Serving 6.

Verification of HACCP Plan 7. Review of HACCP Plan 8. References 9. Photocopy of the recipe 1. Scope a) Hazards Biological:

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Bacteria: Bacillus Cereus (pork, potatoes, zucchini and capsicum), Clostridium botulinum (olive oil), Salmonella (zucchini and capsicum), Shigella and Escherichia Coli O157:H7 (zucchini and capsicum) Virus: Hepatitis A (onion, red chilli, garlic cloves, green beans, coriander springs, Asian shallots and lime) Chemical: Local contaminations: Chromium (zucchini and capsicum) Physical: Seeds (capsicum) b) Name of Product Lemon pork cutlets c) Intended Use Made-to-order d) Process Purchase, delivery, storage of ingredients, preparation, cutting/crushing, cooking and serving e) Potential Customers

General public from toddler to elderly, all genders, including high risk group: young children, pregnant women, lactating women, and the elderly 2.

Production Description Lemon pork cutlets Pork cutlets Lemon Garlic clove Dried mint Olive oil Baby chat potatoes Zucchini Red capsicum Preparation Steps 1) Place pork in a shallow dish. Place lemon rind, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, garlic, mint and 1 tablespoon of olive oil in a bowl. Season with salt and pepper. Whisk to combine. Pour over pork.

Cover. Set aside. 2) Meanwhile, place potatoes and 1/4 cup water in a heatproof, microwave-safe dish. Cover.

Microwave on HIGH (100%) for 6 minutes. Add zucchini and capsicum.

Microwave for 3 minutes. Drain. 3) Spray a frying pan with oil. Heat over medium-high heat. Cook pork for 3 to 4 minute each side or until cooked to your liking. Remove to a plate.

Cover with foil and set aside. 4) Reduce heat to medium-low. Add remaining oil and vegetables. Cook, stirring, for 5 minutes or until vegetables are tender. Season with salt and pepper. Drizzle with remaining lemon juice.

Serve pork cutlets with vegetables. 3. The HACCP Team Production manager Technical personnel Purchasing manager Chef Kitchen manager 4. Process Flow Diagrams . HACCP Analysis Charts |Processing Step |Potential Hazards |Justification of decision |Hazard to be addressed|Preventive Measure | | | | |in plan? Y/N | | |Purchasing (CP) |Commination with pathogens, |All hazards mentioned left have been |No |License checking and visual inspection | | |parasites, virus, fungi due to |associated with food-borne illness.

| | | |unlicensed purchasing | | | | |Receiving (CCP) |Cross contamination with pathogens |These pathogens have been associated |Yes |Receiving deliveries and chilling pork | | |due to improper handling, spore |with foodborne illness | |cutlets below 4? ith no sign of | | |outgrowth due to poor temperature and| | |thawing, no spoilage and commination of| | |time control | | |other foreign objects | |Storing (CCP) |Cross contamination with pathogens |These pathogens have been associated |Yes |Chilling pork cutlets below 4? nd | | |due to improper storage, spore |with foodborne illness | |preventing all ingredients form cross | | |outgrowth due to poor temperature and| | |contamination during receiving | | |time control | | | |Preparing (CP) |Cross contamination with pathogens |Cross contamination can bring |No |Preventing cross contamination during | | |due to improper washing and |pathogens which are associated with | |preparation, cleaning and sanitizing | | |sanitizing and spore outgrowth due to|foodborne illness | |food contact surfaces, wash garlic | | |poor time control | | |clove, potatoes, zucchini, capsicum and| | | | | |lemon, remove seeds form capsicum. |Cooking (CCP) |Pathogens due to cooking at internal |Pathogens have been associated with |Yes |Cook to minimum internal temperature | | |temperature lower that minimum |foodborne illness | |for at least 15seconds within 2 hours | | |internal temperature | | |before removing from stove. | |Serving (SOP) |Cross contamination due to |Pathogens have been associated with |No |Ensure the sanitization of food contact| | |contaminated utensils, improper |foodborne illness | |surface and observe employees’ | | |personal hygiene and, etc. | | |performance. | 6. Verification of HACCP Plan a) Step: Purchase Hazards |Control Limits |Monitoring Procedures |Corrective Actions|Records | | | |What |How |When | | | |What |How |When | | | |What |How |When | | | |What |How |When | |What |How |When |Who | | | |Contamination from dirty utensils and employees with poor personal hygiene |All utensils are properly washed and sanitized |The conditions of utensils |Visual checking the process of sanitizing |Before operation |Production manager |Avoid improper sanitization and sanitize utensils till reaching standards |Sanitization record | | |All employees have good personal hygiene are dressing properly.

|The personal hygiene and dressing of employees |Visual checking |Before operation |Production manager |Prevent improper dressing or poor-hygiene employees from operation | | | 7. Review of HACCP Plan Review and evaluation of the HACCP Plan should be completed monthly and when: a) product changes occur in: the recipe, preparation procedure and distribution; b) new menu items are added; c) foods used in the operation are linked to a foodborne outbreak or complaint; ) a specified length of time has passed, not exceeding one year; e) new safety information becomes available; 8. Reference Recipe retrieved from http://www. taste. com.

au/recipes/18098/lemon+pork+cutlets ———————– ALL: Washing hands, using suitable utensils when handling ready-to-eat foods, personal hygiene, storing & using poisonous or toxic chemicals, using & calibrating a food thermometer RECEIVE (CCP): Receiving deliveries and chilling pork cutlets below 4! with no sign of thawing, no spoilage and commination of other foreign objects. STORING(CCP): Chilling pork cutlets ing pork cutlets below 4? with no sign of thawing, no spoilage and commination of other foreign objects.

STORING(CCP): Chilling pork cutlets below 4? and preventing all ingredients form cross contamination during storage PREPARE (CP): Preventing cross contamination during preparation, cleaning and sanitizing food contact surfaces, wash garlic clove, potatoes, zucchini, capsicum and lemon, remove seeds form capsicum. CUT (CP): Preventing cross contamination, cleaning and sanitizing food contact surfaces when turn to cutting other kind of food, use two different chopping boards when cutting pork and vegetables. COOK (CCP): Cook to minimum internal temperature for at least 15seconds within 2 hours before removing from stove. SERVE: Serving food.

Preventing cross contamination at food bar