Family Nursing Care Plan

Every age gap has its pros and cons, and personality factors mean that what might work well in one family isn’t as successful in another. Read more: http://www. babycenter. com. au/preconception/tryingforanother/siblingagegaps/#ixzz18dE2Zeog Every age gap has its pros and cons, and personality factors mean that what might work well in one family isn’t as successful in another.

Read more: http://www. babycenter. com. au/preconception/tryingforanother/siblingagegaps/#ixzz18dE2Zeog Gender Distribution There are two (2) females and four (4) males in the family.The relationship between males and females is highly interdependent, and changes in one may influence the other.

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Age Distribution The head of the family which is the father is 35 years of age. The body of the family which is the mother is 33 years of age. Their first child is 12 years of age, the second is 11 years of age, the third is 10 years of age and the forth child is 7 years of age. The close age gap of children may cause some hardships to the father and mother due to all demands of the children at one time. Type of Family The family a nuclear type primarily consists of father, mother, son or daughter, or siblings.

Family Size The family is a medium size where they have six (6) family members. For medium-size family and large family size that has five members and above, still has the possibility of population growth in the family. Limiting the number of siblings or family planning ahead of time gives better future and has a better chance to live a healthy life. Employment The living condition of the unemployed may lead to stressful situation and illness. Our economic situation plays an important role in our society for satisfaction of the basic needs of the family. Within the six (6) members of the family, only one is employed.

Occupation The head of the family and the only one who is employed which is the father have a blue collar job which is a construction worker. These jobs are very tiring yet only receive an average salary. Income of the Family The family have a monthly income of 10,000 pesos per month from the salary of the head of the family. The advantage of this is that the family still have source of income that can sustain the basic needs of the whole family, since their children studies at the public schools. On the other hand, this may not be enough to attend all the necessary needs of each family member.Monthly Expenses per Household The budget of food and school expenses per month is 2000 pesos each.

House rent, water, electricity, clothes/shoes, health and other expenses is 1000 pesos each. A total of 10,000 pesos. Educational Support The total expenses needed at school with four children is 2000 pesos per month which is supported by the parents. From this data, we can say that even though the family is average earner, they still support their children educationally. Religion The religion of the family is Roman Catholic. Religions in the Philippines are spiritual beliefs held by Philippine citizens.

Religion holds a central place in life of the majority of Filipinos. Years of Residency The family have reside in the community for 14 years. House ownership of Family The family is renting the house where they pay 1000 pesos per month. Type of House The family have a single attached home. Having this type of houses somehow has disadvantages. For an instance, just in case of fire accident have occurs, the fire would spread that easily since their houses are attached to each other.

House Structure The house structure is made of wood and concrete which is called Mixed.This house structure is prone of fire accident. Number of Rooms The family have no rooms meaning their house is all in one. Their living room could be their room at night and all of them share the inadequate space. This might not be that good for them, they don’t have any privacy at all and the spread of communicable disease is very high. Means of Cooking The family uses charcoal or wood for means of cooking.

Since they are not financially stable, the use of charcoal and wood is indeed great help for them to save money but on the other hand, this means of cooking is prone for fire accidents.Water Resources The family uses a mineral water is terms of cooking and drinking. This is good way to prevent diseases/illness like diarrhea. Excreta Disposal The practised waste disposal of the family is pail system where this method could help them to prevent diseases that may acquire through human waste. Garbage Disposal The family burn their garbage in order to dispose them.

The continuous usage of this method would affect their environment and can lead to respiratory illness of the people in the community. Health Seeking Behaviour The family usually goes to the health center.The reason why most of the population consults in the health center is due to financial constrain or probably the individual have other important matter to attend to. Health center is a big help to people living in the depress area because they are not obliged to spent for the consultation and sometimes some prescribed medicine is given for free. Drainage System The family has an open drainage system.

Those families who are engaged in using open drainage can affect their health status most especially the children because of foul odor and also it will surely serve as breeding sites of disease carrying vectors particularly mosquitoes.Appliances Owned by the Family The family have a radio, television, refrigerator, electric fan and motorcycle. Some household equipment is very necessary to their daily living like refrigerator which is essential for food preservation, and electric fan which is most useful during summer season for them to feel more comfortable Immunization of the Family The mother and father is unaware if they are complete in vaccination but the four children is guaranteed to have a complete vaccination with the help of the health center. Practice of Family Planning of FamilyThe parents is aware of family planning where they use a natural method. Common Illness of Family The family usually have colds, cough, fever and asthma as their common illness.

This may be the result of no rooms where there is no place of isolation to the sick member of the family. Food Preference of the Family The family usually eat fruits and vegetables but seldom with protein and carbohydrates. Good nutrition means getting enough macronutrients and micronutrients. Macronutrients contain calories (energy): proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. They help you maintain your body weight.

Micronutrients include vitamins and minerals. They keep your cells working properly, but will not prevent weight loss. More protein is taken from fruits which is very essential for body development for building body resistance. Fruit and vegetable makes our body and mind active and helps to protect us from sickness. Problem Identification Problem | Score | Threat of Cross Infection from Communicable illness namely : Fever, Cough, Colds | 7. 01 | 2.

Improper Drainage System | 6. 83 | 3. Improper Garbage Disposal | 5. 83 |