Teaching Care Plan for Nursing

Teaching Care Plan for Nursing Identify if article has a review of literature.

Yes, This article definitely has a review of literature, it is a compilation from a lot of information the author studied and applied to the specific topic she was addressing. Determine the purpose of the article. The purpose of the article is to make medical professionals aware of the signs and symptoms of depression in older adults. It was to establish a less biased approach to evaluating the mood of each client rather than always assuming that it is normal and expected for an older adult to be sad or withdrawn.

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It was to identify and acknowledge the screening and treatment tools available to healthcare professionals to promote their use in daily clinical settings.

Identify population used in study. The populations used in the study were men and female ages 65 and older Identify method used in study. Methods used in the studies were mainly collecting data and utilizing the research to answer the question. Also randomized clinical trials. Determine the findings of study.

The study found that older adults have multiple benefits from being treated for their depression rather than summing it up to old age.

Depression in older adults was associated with cardiovascular disease due to its association with decreased physical activity. It also showed correlation with depression and unhealthy diet, which also leads to, increased prevalence of diabetes and other obesity co-morbidities. The study seemed to solidify the benefits of treating the older adults; it showed that the patients that were treated for their depression found higher rates of medication compliance, less depression specific caregiver burden. Describe the information in your article can be implemented into your nursing practice.

The information in the article really seemed can be applied to all areas of our nursing practice. We can implement many of the tools mentioned in the article. Also, it gave a lot of important information on how to identify depression that can be used in all age groups. I think that the identification of the comorbidities of depression really makes the evaluation of moods much more practical and essential in our physical assessment. I think it also helped to open up my mind to the challenges older adults face.

Provide your rationale for using the information in nursing practice?

The information is essential in nursing practice because having a patient that is sad or withdrawn will likely cause them to be less of advocates for themselves when it comes to their healthcare, they may not bother reporting symptoms or stop taking medication because they do not want to go to the store. It can actually cause a complete loss of the patient in the health care system. It is very critical information. How would the use of this information improve patient care (outcomes)? Utilizing this information in nursing practice would greatly improve patient care because it would really improve the nurse’s holistic approach to patient care.

Nurses strive to provide very patient centered care but being so busy and having preconceived judgments of certain age groups does hinder our holistic nursing approach. Many times we are too busy and will just treat the problem or what we are there to treat and just ignore the sad or depressed look on the patients face when we should be understanding that if the patient is depressed, we may fix them up and send them home only to have them come back due to non compliance or lack of concern for themselves.