Les Miz Shoes Case Study

Management Ownership is not open for others outside the family, thus limiting the managing power to one person.

2. Exportation Mr.. Educes attempt to establish market in Europe was unsuccessful. 3. Strategy Mr.

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. Ducat wanted an expansion of the company. He will use earnings from merchandising of Less Mix shoes in Philippines. 4. Local Sales Sales of Less MIX Shoes are low.

It cannot sustain regular operations. Machinery The German equipment bought out of loans was not been used in operations. 6. Importation Almost all of raw materials used for shoe manufacturing are Imported, and are costly. 7. Less Mix Shoes is the only company in Philippines that pursues exportation of shoe products.

8. Debt and equity Less MIX snores NAS no more long-term financial problem was minimized. 9. Vision for the company cap tall NAS Increased Vision of Mr..

Ducat is unlikely to happen due to struggles of Mrs.. Esplanade. Ill.

We therefore conclude that Less Mix Shoes is unable to continually operate as a corporate entity. 1 .

Less Mix should change its mission and strategy from exporting into local selling. 2. Manufacture own raw materials for shoe manufacturing. 3. Hire / train people to operate the stagnant machinery. 4.

Improve sales in local market by developing new strategies: Sell only products that are most profitable. Manufacture shoes that are suitable for Filipino market in terms of price, style and rends.

Advertise through newspapers, banners, brochures, etc. 5. Less Mix may acquire loans to support its operations. 6.

Utilize the foreclosed properties that were redeemed. V. ALTERNATIVES 1 . Change the form of ownership from sole proprietorship into partnership or corporation. 2. Sell the machinery and use the proceeds for financing manpower.

3. Sell a portion of Less Mix Shoes’ net assets to other businesses in the same industry. Presented by: Titular, a-me Q. Feral, Jan Carlo P. Tag, Carrel Mae M.