Less GroupWork Should Be Assigned

In many schools, teachers may expect me to develop collaborative skills by doing some group work and every school are making students to do many group work. However, my friends and I are dissatisfied with group work since I obtain stress which affects my vital factors like grades and health.

Despite the group works might develop my leadership, some group tasks should be reduced since students have different ideas and group work can go into chaos when students start to argue with different thoughts. Also, some act of leaderships could drive bad relationships toward my friends. In many ways, teachers may think all students are enjoying group work because they can work with friends and also establish a collaborative relationship. However these do not develop collaborative skills for me because there is a higher rate of students who do not cooperate at all. Even, when I repeat my words, they are busy doing assignments for other classes which affect students who at least are trying to do group work that teachers assign.

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Also, in my last school I had a group work with my partners. He told me that he will help me finish some part of the works, but the next day he was absence for few weeks. So I had to finish the entire group work just by myself. According to Vincent J. Gallagher, middle school principal he claimed “The vision of the leader is the hope of the pack.”So what if I establish my leadership? Is this my chance to develop my leadership skills to make people collaborate? Well, if I can change their attitude by showing my leadership, I would not be writing this.

People could say it’s my problem because part of group work is to develop leaderships skills. However, this claim is misguided because some extraordinary leadership could bring awful consequences. Once, my friend told his partner to work and turn his game off. It was an intended action to show he’s the only one who was not participating in the discussion. Then, his partner was so angry at what was done and did not do any work. Even the teacher had warned his partner for not doing anything, but he just pretended he was doing work.

Since group work is still a part of assignments in school, it affects students who are aiming for a superior grade. What it means is people who are sensitive to grades get unsatisfied results. Some teachers assign group work when it needs critical thinking and creativity. This is because they believe groups of people can bring great ideas unlike working individually due to the number of people. However, some people can contradict ideas which were logical and creative.

Also, group work can cause deindividualization, which means students could lose their individuality and self-awareness when they are in a large group. So in the process of group work, one major idea can be denied and may cause the person to get an unsatisfied grade. Realistically, how the person who is sensitive to grade will act towards their group members when he or she got an inferior grade? Although some people and students want to have a lot of group work, teachers should not appoint too much group collaborations. Only a few group work are good and it could develop leadership, friendship and more. However, when there’s too much group work, the disadvantages would outweigh the benefits. For the reason that it can make students lack responsibility of doing work.

Besides, it might affect students who are sensitive to grades and students who have creative ideas.