Limit Homework

Ewwwww! Homework! I definitely think that our teachers should limit homework.

We should limit homework because students have less time with their friends, don’t get exercise, and if there is too much homework kids start to not like school. First of all, kids might not get much time with their friends if there’s too much homework. Without spending time with friend that can ruin students lives. Then they will end up being shy because of homework. Also too much homework and without your friends students cant develop the social skills that are needed later in life.

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Secondly students need exercise. But with all of this homework students don’t have time to play outside and exercise. Plus, there’s the fact of obesity. Kids end up having to stay inside after their homework because it’s dark outside. Then that means they have to stay inside and what do you think kids do while they’re inside? Watch TV play video games, and get on the computer.

My last reason is that if you give students too much work they get bored of it. If some of the students like the work that you are doing in class and you give them too much homework, they’ll start to not like it because they have to do it too much. Also if you give students too much homework the students wont be able to get it a done. If the students don’t get it all done their grade goes down, and they get yelled at. But its all the teachers fault for giving the homework in the first place. Others may argue that homework can make the students remember what they are doing in class.

But I on the other hand think they’re totally wrong because students remember less with more work. So I think we can agree that we should definitely limit homework. Because students have less time with their friends, don’t get exercise, and kids start to not like school. GET RID OF LOTS OF HOMEWORK!!!!