Homework Should Be Classwork

Having homework, although it can be looked at as extra practice, can be such a burden on students. Throughout school, teachers say that students should get enough sleep and not stress over school work, but then again, they can give kids mountains of homework to complete in a short period of time. Students are also expected to have a personal life and not get caught up with work, but once again, teachers give so much work that it is hard for students to cope with their social lives and schoolwork. Although some people say that the work can assist with students’ questions, the extra work does not help with students’ stress level. Students should have less homework because it is good for their well being and health, and people can have a life outside of school.

Having less homework can reduce a student’s stress, and it can be healthy for the person overall. Some polls state that students should have less homework because the time spent on homework can keep them from getting enough sleep. Going to school for eight hours each day is a lot to ask for from a student already because it makes them have to be prepared each day to learn for a long period of time. School already takes up most of the day, and having homework on top of eight hours of school is a lot to handle. Furthermore, the workload on students is stressful in school with tests and projects, and adding on three hours of homework can lead to more stress.

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If a student just keeps thinking about how they will not finish everything in time, they would just be thinking about doing so much work and not actually do any of it. If teachers want their students to be prepared for the next day, giving them a large amount of homework is not going to help release the workload. In conclusion, the stress from having too much homework can be taken away if the teachers can understand that having a lot of homework is not good for a person’s well being.Another thing that can come from not having as much homework is a social life. It is very important for kids to have a social life because it is proven that socially active teens tend to have more life skills for the future.

During high school, everything is about status, and if students have so much work that they cannot be social, they would not be able to fit in as easily. Having a social life in high school can lead to people having great social skills because they learn how to connect with other people. It all connects to when they cannot focus on friends and family, and they have to do work instead. In addition to that, students can also take part in extracurricular activities if they have less work. People can play sports and do clubs if they have the time to do it, and this can help them get out more. Kids cannot play sports and participate in clubs if they have too much homework and cannot focus on being in a social environment.

It is so crucial to a growing kid to have a social life, and if kids struggle to do homework for three hours each night, they will not have enough time to part take in extracurriculars.Some people agree that kids have a good amount of homework because it helps them review for work after school. It is said that having extra homework can improve people’s scores and work ethics because it helps them review what they already learned. Even though they have been in school all day, some people might say homework helps kids remember what information they learned, and it helps the brain remember all of the information. Others think there are benefits to having more homework because it can help students in the long run, and they can learn to be more responsible.

People think homework is the perfect way to get students to remember their material and have the information in their minds for a long period of time, but this does not mean kids should have mountains of homework each night.The well being of students and their social life can contribute to the student’s work ethic and can allow kids to excel in class. Having less homework can lead to having more sleep and less stress. Students can always reach out and have a social life if they are allowed to, but because of the influx of homework, students are not able to branch out because of all of the work they have to do. Studies say homework could also be a good thing because it can lead to a better grade in the class, but in general, just cutting one hour of homework could help. Homework is something that can be handled if it is shortened, and kids do not have to feel as if they have an extra workload for something they learned in class.