Short Homework Free Essay Example

Homework is important to reinforce what kids learn in school, but too much homework can be a problem. The excessive amount of homework the teachers assign students each night is where the problem lies and is really not helpful at all.

Coming home from school and having more than an hour or two of homework does not let students spend much time with their friends or family, or even get a good amount of sleep. Not only does it not allow them to interact with their friends or family, but it does not leave them with enough time to get a job. Homework does help when it’s in the right proportion, but after a few hours of it, students start to lose concentration and start to make sloppy mistakes which will affect their grades. After being at school for eight hours, more the two hours of homework is not at all necessary. Shouldn’t the students have time after school just to be kids? If a student is involved with a sport(s), they may not get home until dark.

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Once home, they have to rush through dinner just to be able to finish their homework at a decent hour. Spending all this time on homework does not let students spend time doing other things. Some students want to get a job or even need a job to help support their family but are unable to due to homework. With as much homework as we are getting, there is very little time to spend working on something other than schoolwork. In the 2004 February Teacher Magazine it said, “Be sure that you also never use homework to complete what you couldn’t finish during class or to introduce students to new or complicated subject matter.” It is when the homework is on may be difficult or completely new that makes it take the longest.

Homework helps, but when teachers assign to much homework, students start to zone out and learn nothing. Too much homework hurt students more than it helps, by not letting them interact with friends or family, and not getting a good night sleep. After a few hours of homework, students attention span for homework decreases, then the over all quality of the homework goes straight down. After a couple of hours of homework kids lose interest in the topic(s) and stop putting effort in to it. Teachers do want all of us to put 100% effort into our homework.

Don’t they? It takes so freaking long to complete all of the homework because our concentration level on what we are working on at home is much less than we are at school. If homework was short and to the point, then students should be able to absorb the information, and learn much more, so much more easier. Homework is very boring, especially after doing a great deal of work at school. Looking at a piece of homework hour after hour get very frustrating, and make you want to rip out the paper into a million pieces. Since we cant do that we end up doing the homework after all and put no effort into it all.

therefore, it affects our grades one way or another. They have correct all of our tests, quizzes, and homework, and teach so much information to us in only nine months. But, if all the teachers just assigned less homework, it would be one big burden off their shoulders. Less homework would make all of us have to listen more during school because we would not be doing the entire lesson over again after school. Due to the large amount of homework assigned each night, large amount of stress comes with it.

Homework is helpful, but too much is stressful. Why do teachers day after day insist on giving us homework? Don’t they know how stressful that is? Each day we get more and more stress from homework and stress can be very unhealthy. Do teachers want us to live unhealthy lives? Stress can eventually cause illness such as asthma, heart disease, migraine headaches, and high blood pressure. Why do teachers continue to give homework when stress can cause such illnesses? Yes we will always have some stress, but homework should be a good, helpful thing not a health hazard. Teachers are hardworking people, teaching kids everything they need to know, but the amount of homework that they give out every night is not helping as much as they think.

Anything more than two hours of homework is not needed after going to school for eight hours. After only a couple of hours our concentration and work quality goes down. Therefore teachers, you are the only ones that can fix the problem and it is all up to you. We can live our ongoing stressful lives or we can make a change for the better and live an over all better life with better grades.