Is Homework a Stress for Students?

Do you ever wish to go home and hangout with your friends or do sports but on the other hand you have to stay and do homework that is due the next day. Well other students have trouble to do homework because teachers expect students to turn it on time but others don’t. Athletes students have a game with in 2 or 3 hours so they have to go start to warm up and the game begins.Most of the time it is like that but a twist to it is a whole different game and it is school work.

Homework is the main point on why students stay up or never turnitin. Athlete students sometimes don’t have time to do homework because they have to practice for a champion or some other sort of game to win. School work can cause them to be late or to even have less time due to sports. Other schools in America determined not to give students homework because they found that most of the kids want time to spend with family or with friends. Other give more time required for the kids to do homework after school. Most of the kids say even when they do homework they have doubts if they want to do there homework.

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Most parents say they can’t be with their children due to homework and can’tfind a way to get around from doing homework. The lower grades have up to 3 times as much homework to do home. Some younger students feel like they have more homework than other upper students. 1st and 2nd graders have up to 28 to 30 minutes of homework per night. Others have up to 40 minutes and up to 2 hours of homework. That is for the upper classes.

Other than that each grade level have times that they have to do homework but other teachers or schools want them to do homework more than what they require them to do. Students have have bad anxiety and depression over homework. When a students has tons of homework they feel like they want to escape andfind a better way to finish their homework on time. Other students have anxiety due to how they need to finish on time so they can do the next homework that is coming up. But there is also a problem because other peers pressure them to copy of their homework and it can lead up to depression. Homework can lead up to problems to the students such as health issues, peer pressure, anxiety and depression.

Homework can be bad and good to a student. Some students say it don’t count of their grade or that the teacher would not grade it. Most teachers do count homework on final grades. But others don’t. That is the easy way to get rid of homework to hang out with your friends but then when it the due date you are in a hurry to finish. Other schools use homework just so the student can practice at home but students can find help at home if there parents are not there.

When a student’s need help they have to ask the teacher but when it gets to going home it feels like if they can’t do nothing. Homework should be banned because other students don’t have internet at home or a computer for studies.