“The Sky’s the Limit”

When initializing this project, we were told that we were writing a persuasive essay. Our student teacher enthusiastically explained that we could write about anything that interested us. Within seconds, our real teacher chimed from her desk a popular quote “The Sky’s the Limit”. The Sky’s the Limit.

What does that mean? In scientific research, the sky is composed of several layers of atmospheric matter captaining gases such as nitrogen, water vapor, oxygen, carbon, and other common gases. If the sky is truly the limit, what can be done to achieve this goal? A plane ride, a rocket ship, the Eiffel tower, maybe? But isn’t the sky all around us? Can we not be sensitive to its touch? The sky is all around us, and by telling our kids the sky is the limit, what are we truly saying? It’s hard to uncover a quote, but by peeking and peeling at the fine layers of a quote, you can see the truth behind almost anything.

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