Advanced Comp Experience

As I mature, I began realize that writing is something that catches my interest. It allows me to let my thoughts flow freely on a blank sheet of paper, or a blank document. I feel no matter what I write about in this class, I won’t be judged, unlike any other classes I am taking. I am not afraid to write about anything in this class, as I feel that the students in this class are respectful towards each other, and very understanding. For example, when I wrote my Name Piece about my father living across the country, which is a sensitive subject for me, I felt as if the people in my workshop group were understanding, and made me open up about it.

Because of how they reacted to that, I am not afraid to share many struggles, and downfalls in my life. I enjoy writing about my life experiences because I know that only I will be able to tell the story through my eyes. Writing has always been one of my favorite ways of self expression, and I hope that through Advanced Composition, I will be able to become a more mature writer in the future. Before being in this class, I have been told that my writing isn’t “good”, but the first day you told us, “Writing is like art, either you love it, or you hate it”. This quote has taught me that even if someone doesn’t like my writing, that if I am content with it and it meets the requirements then it is up to me if I use it or not.

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I feel like I grasp the concept of telling a story. Writing a story makes my writing only something I can write, and no one else would be able to write. The concept that I am really struggling with is using stylistic devices. I don’t know why I struggle with it, but I am willing to work on being able to understand it to make my writing better. I really struggle with sticking with one tense in my writing, I usually switch from past, to future.

I hope that by the end of this class, I will be able to master the usage of stylistic devices, and the usage of tenses.