Advanced Robotics and A.I.

Advanced robotics and A.I. is a fascinating field of science full of incredible advancements in medical and militaristic technology. In the fields of medical prosthetics the brain is being focused on as a controller for the robotic limbs. The science behind this is that even if a part of the body is gone the part of the brain that controls it still remains intact.

By utilizing this scientists are able to make an artificial limb that behaves as closely to the original appendage as possible. Robots are not just being used for medical reasons. Robots are being used more and more often in industry to do the hard, dangerous, or monotonous jobs. An example would be a robotic arm on an assembly line that puts the car doors onto the body of the car, or a robot that bottles pop and caps it. Even more often nowadays robots are being seen more and more in the home and work places like the Honda ASIMO robotic assistant or the better known ROOMBA floor cleaner.

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I strongly advise anyone reading this to look up more on the Honda ASIMO. In all the places robots and A.I. are being used; perhaps the most important is on the front lines. I am of course referring to military tech. Robots are being used in the military mostly for unmanned technology to keep our soldiers safe.

A fantastic example of this would be the DRAGON RUNNER. The DRAGON RUNNER is an ultra tough small R/C vehicle with almost no right side up. It’s made to be tossed over, under, into, and off of stuff it has cameras so that it can do reconnaissance without risking the life of a soldier. Another piece of military tech that is much like the DRAGON RUNNER is the PREDATOR spy plane. The PREDATOR allows for a birds eye view recon position without risking the life of a pilot which is the main goal of the unmanned tech. In addition to recon the PREDATOR earns its title because it comes combat ready should the need arise.

It is able to carry a machine gun and it’s also able to carry guided missiles for air or ground combat. On the less offensive side of the military tech there are bomb disarming robots which are used a lot more often then many people might think. Their basic purpose is to search the area for the bomb to begin with. Some are also equipped with the equipped with the tools for trained bomb squad personal to disarm the bomb from a distance. All and all this makes the bomb squad’s job a little safer for them to preform. In closing robotics and artificial intelligence can be one of the greatest assets to man kind.

They help us in everyday life more so that most people would care to realize. Almost everything around the world you can somehow thank a robot for in one way or another. From the bottle you drink from to the snacks that you eat, you can thank a robot for it.