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Imagine you were being bullied, and it suddenly stopped. Imagine going to school proud and confident without the fear of being judged on your style. An adjustment to your schools dress code could put an end to your problems and make all of your troubles go away.

The ritual of putting on the same set of school clothes every day has become reality for twenty one percent of public school students across the country (Public School Uniform Statistics). Some people say that uniforms hide the right to self express. But if you put on a uniform, you could go to school as a happier, and emotionally healthier student. Day by day, uniforms are satisfying students across the country, because they increase self esteem, overall decrease bad behaviors, and make mornings easier. Uniforms should be required in public schools.

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You wake up, dreading to go to school, because you were picked on yesterday. Your eyes are dry and red from crying most of the night. You fear that every time you move, someone will be there to call you ugly.Do you want this to become your morning routine for the rest of your academic career? Uniforms have not only been known to decrease bullying, but the majority of bad behaviors in general. A recent study conducted in Long Beach, California showed that when students were required to wear uniforms, the amount of fighting dropped 38%, the crime rate dropped 91%, the occurrence of suspensions went down 90%, sex offences dropped 96%, and vandalism decreased 69% over a four year period (Public School Uniform Statistics)(School Uniform Statistics. This is important, because a uniform could better a persons life, and that person could be you.

Another study conducted in Sparks, Nevada showed that seventh and eighth graders reported a positive change in bullying and gang involvement. Now students are enjoying school more, and feeling more secure and confident (Donna Riley, social therapist in New York). Uniforms change lives for the better by decreasing the frequency of bad behavior. You spend the first ten minutes of your morning picking out your outfit. Then you spend another five minutes choosing an accessory to make your clothing pop.

Then you need five more minutes to choose your shoes. Wouldn’t an extra thirty minutes in the morning be helpful? Uniforms are also beneficial to public school students, because they make mornings run more smoothly and easier. Kids/teens not getting enough sleep has become a big issue across the country. According to Walter Glenn, author of “How Much Time Does Your Morning Routine Take?”, It takes an average time of thirty minutes for teens/kids to pick an outfit and get dressed on the morning, not to mention they have to worry about picking an outfit that will make them “fit in with the crowd”. An extra thirty minutes of sleep can help a student be more focused and less tired in school.

Also, a survey conducted on how long it takes to get ready in the morning showed that 41.69% of people take 31-60 minutes usually to get dressed and pick an outfit (How Much Time Does Your Morning Routine Take?). Not only do uniforms make mornings easier for students, but the parents as well. Michelle, a mother of two school children says, “My kids are ages 7 and 13 and two years ago their school decided to implement school uniforms into their dress code. Having them wear uniforms has made my mornings a lot easier. They are eager to go to school because of friends they get to see and no longer obsess over what their friends might be wearing that day.

” Uniforms simplify mornings and help students wake up to better days. You walk into school with a lack of confidence because your mom can’t afford the latest pair of designer jeans, and to add on to it, you’re wearing the uggs that were only cool last year. You don’t feel good about yourself, and your self esteem is way down. Maybe a uniform is the perfect solution for you. Uniforms are well known for helping kids feel happy with who they are and increasing self confidence. School uniforms Increase students’ self-esteem because they do not have to participate in the “school fashion show.

” Dressing alike helps students learn that what really counts is on the inside (Sherry Bowen). Also, the same survey in Sparks, Nevada that showed a decrease of bullying and gang involvement, showed an increase in self esteem and confidence. This is important because an increase of self esteem can lead to building healthy relationships and better school performance amongst the student body. 88% of parents and teachers reported that uniforms have eliminated the clothing competition and brought more self happiness and confidence to the school community (School Uniform Statistics). Uniforms positively alter students feelings, especially by raising their self esteems and bringing them more self confidence.

George Washington… known for being a great leader, Albert Einstein… known for being a great scientist, Peyton Manning… known for being a great quarterback. Did any of these people develop an identity through what they wore back in their school years? Many are against uniforms, because they hide the opportunity for students to develop a proper identity. People say that when everyone is wearing the same outfit, students can’t stand out and be unique in their own way… and a school uniform is what stops them from doing that? These people against school uniforms in public schools don’t consider the fact that your identity doesn’t have to be created just based on your apparel. You can develop your identity through the work you do in school, and your accomplishments outside of school as well. Your clothing can also be changed as soon as school ends, so you only have to deal with the uniform for a small portion of the day. Uniforms don’t hold students back from becoming who they are and developing a strong identity.

You wake up and put on your uniform. You head to school with a smile in your face and feeling strong and confident. The bully that used to be your enemy is now your friend. You feel more awake and focused, and you know that you are going to ace your math test. Your life is so much better because your school made a change to the dress code. Uniforms can make life changing differences to public school students.

They decrease bad behavior, simplify mornings, and raise self esteem and confidence. If the entire public school population switched to uniforms, there could be much more peace and friendship with everyone around you, and although some people think that uniforms are bad by stopping students from developing an identity, there are ways to avoid and get around their flaws. u·ni·form ?yo?on??form/noun:A creation that can change the world. CITATIONS “Benefits of Wearing School Uniforms: Safety and Self-Esteem.” Benefits of Wearing School Uniforms: Safety and Self-Esteem. N.

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