Let's Graduate

Senior year is the most annoying thing in the world.

It takes me on this little emotional rollercoaster. Let us address this whole application situation. When you think about it applying to colleges are not that hard. You just have to sit down and do an application to the colleges that you think you want to go to. Some of them are just schools that you know you’re going to get in, just so you can feel a little better about yourself. I am tired of doing these applications, its the most nervewrecking thing in the world, I don’t know if i’m going to get into the school, the anticipation is really killing me.

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Even if I do get into the school how am I paying for this. but in the great country of america, they have made it possible for everyone to go to college. The expenses within senior year is real. senior hoodies/ t shirts. senior breakfast, senior trip, senior rings, prom and graduation.But its the most wonderful, overwhelming feeling in the world; the last first day of school, the last months of high school; reaching the end of your teenage years.

knowing that after this year, its the beginning of your independence. Most likely going away and not being familiar with your surroundings. this is one of the biggest changes of our lives. Milestones that we will remember for the rest of our lives. Its the scariest, amazing thing ever. I just realized that I sound like most of those movies about milestones and going to college and achieving the impossible.

Its moments like these where you have to get a little cheesy and embrace everything for the last time. We don’t have time anymore for fear and waiting for things to happen because things won’t happen until we make things happen.We have to sit down, get our act together and works our very hardest to get out lives right. Lets Graduate.Senior year is the a chapter in all of our books, and it’s only the beginning.