Letter to the Department of Public Safety About Distracted Driving

To the Department of Public Safety, The amount of car accidents that happen each year continue to increase.

This continues to happen because of the number of people who consistently drive distracted everyday. This is due to a surplus of reasons, however, many fall subject to driving distracted because they prioritize their cell phones more than what is happening on the road in front of them. Moreover, as someone who was involved in a major car accident a year ago, I feel strongly on this topic.I know my life would have been very different from that day on had God not sent an angel to guard me. Most people aren’t so lucky in that case.

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Their injuries are worse, even fatal. When the driver who ran into me wasasked by a police officer if he saw me on the road, he responded, “I did not see her.”, I can assure you that he did not see me because he was looking at his phone. My english class studied the different satirical techniques authors use to criticize specific issues. After analyzing the satirical essay, “A Modest Proposal”, by Dr. Jonathan Swift, we were given an assignment to write a satirical essay similar to Swift’s structure of his proposal.

I assure you, my prompt was not difficult to brainstorm. In my essay, I concludeda proper solution is to rid all cell phones and any technological devices installed in cars that promote distracted driving. This would solve many problems such as, safer transportation, money saved for other purposes, and alertness on the road. Of course we cannot simply remove the technological advances our society has crafted in our lives. We made ourselves dependent on them. However, there is a plausible solution.

Newly laws have been enforced and prohibit phone use while driving, but one law is not enough. More law enforcements about the use of technological devices is needed. Simply put, to adhere to the technological society we live in, enforcing laws about the use of hands free calling will easily reduce the number of people who drive distracted. Failure to to follow the laws will result in a fine. The amount of car accidents will reduce, and people will remain safe instead of jeopardizing their future.

A need to solve the issue of distracted driving is necessary. I write to address my ideas for improving the factors that cause distracted driving, and to raise awareness about the results that happen from those who partake in it. Sincerely, Hope J.