Life is passing by

If someone asked me if I’ve noticed that I’m growing and moving on in life, I would definately say no. I don’t feel like I’m progressing in anything.

I’m not becoming any taller or fatter (although this last one can really happen soon if I don’t stop eating unhealthy food), and nothing changes in me – the only thing that seems to be changing constantly is my mood. Hurray for me. But what I’ve come to realise is that life really moves on and continues, whether you like it or not. For years I’ve walked (and I still walk) the same avenue to attend my school, and for years I’ve seen the same girl, always crossing my way. I’ve seen her since she was a ‘pre-teen’ (as if I was a lot older) and suddenly I saw her the other day, and BAAM! She was all grown up, and instead of having her mom with her, she had a boy, a boyfriend (and a cute one!). And all of a sudden, I was able to see who she was and who she is now – she was just and ordinary girl with a bad haircut and some normal clothes, and now, she has learn how to dress herself and got a nice haircut; she has been pretty all the way.

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And I could bet my life that she and her boyfriend are going to last a very long time… But, where was I, in the middle of this? I’m sure that in some moment she has thought about me and maybe she thinks I’ve grown up too. However, and let’s face it, no one has ever walked me to school (does a friend count, a girlfriend?); I haven’t changed my height in years, and my hair, my clothes, they’re not as good as I thought they were.

Oh sweet ignorance! My life is passing by and I haven’t done anything more with it than studying like a nerd (I really don’t mean to offend anyone, just an expression), or shopping, or being a freaking teenager, complaining about what I have even though there are people who would be for ever grateful if they could have my life. I really want to do something with it and now that I’ve woken up, it’s even harder to bare this feeling of impotence. So, if you control your life and you can make something out of it, than do it, because life is passing by right now.