Life of Brooks

“Dad why does the moon follow us when we’re driving?” He would reply “It’s not following us it’s just very far away and appears that way.” I replied confused “oh, okay….. Daaadd” “Yes, Brooks” answering with a sigh knowing where this was leading. “Why is the moon so far away?” “Well Brooks are you sure you’re ready for this answer” Eager to receive the answer I leaned out of my car seat as close to my driving dad as possible and said “uhuh” with confidence. “the moon may or may not have once been a part of earth scientist are not quite sure, but some think a meteor hit it as it was still forming and threw a chunk of it out into earth’s orbit and till this day the moon revolves around earth unable to escape the gravitational pull it obtains.

There are you happy?” He turned with a smirk knowing he had completely blown my mind. I sat there jaw to the floor and pondered what had just happened. The rest of the ride home was silent, of course until I got the confidence to ask about gravitational pull and the evolvement of earth. The cycle never ended. I grew up with two older brothers and a little sister. My parents set an example of a good marriage having a lifestyle stereotypical for a middle-class family.

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I have a strong passion for learning, and it has never changed; well, maybe the discussions have become a little more sophisticated, but still I am the same curious kid. My older brothers loved picking on me when I asked questions either saying “Why does it matter” or “Oh no, here comes the question master.” They couldn’t have cared less about school and I saw that from when I was a young boy. I was an odd one out from my family breezing through primary school with straight A’s and thought maybe it was my red hair, pasty skin, and freckles that gave me an edge. At 10 years old I realized it wasn’t that I was better than my brothers, I just wanted a different life from them. I wanted to be an insightful person, someone to look up to; I wanted to have an impact on society.

These desires all gave me the natural incentive to learn and become who I am today; a hardworking, knowledge seeking individual that gets excited for tests to see how much he has grown and always searching for more information to absorb and expand my knowledge. I don’t want to just go through the days and have an average life where I live and die having not changed the world in any way. I’ve witnessed enough of it around the American society and I want out fast. At FSU my craving for intellect can be satisfied and it can fully direct me to the successful individual I have been working to become.