Reality or Fiction for Extraterrestrial Life

Does life exist or has life existed on other habitable planets besides Earth? The question I ask is thought provoking. I think that life does exist on other planets. If we are the only living intelligence in the Milky Way galaxy why are we given all this space? Space is a big place with many stars as well planets that might be orbiting the star.

There is bound to be some other form of life with intelligence. Earth itself has cousins like it that might be close to us or in between Earth and to the end of the Cosmos. I will tell you more about if other life is possible outside of Earth. Could there be intelligent life besides us in our own solar system? Percival Lowell was a modern scientist as well an amateur astronomer in the late 19th to early 20th century. Lowell had spent his own earnings and built a observatory with an 18 inch telescope and was the first to look at Mars. When he observed Mars he noticed tunnel tubes like an irrigation ditch for water.

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He assumed that the tubes are possibly for martian farms. Lowell believed that life is capable of being sustained on Mars tha was his assumption. Since 2004 Nasa’s top priority has been to search for extraterrestrials for the next 25 years. Titan is a moon that has resemblances to Earth that is orbiting Saturn. Titan has a rocky terrain, liquid methane as water at a frigid temperature of -300 degrees fahrenheitand a thick atmosphere.

Scientist believe microscopic organisms might be living on Titan due to it having a thick atmosphere, a water like liquid and the sustainabletemperatures on the surface. The possibilities are limitless with all the galaxies and planets to explore. NASA had brought two pounds of dirt and rock back from Mars and has analyzed and didn’t find any sign of Martian Organics but, they said that they will keep studying andthe diverse environments that remain undiscovered for life signs.(Goldman; NASA Mars Rover). What are the odds of extraterrestrial life? Scientist suggest that an Earth like planet is sustainable for life but, the planet is 42 light years away. Scientists have sent a message to the M13 cluster or Messier 13 in the Great Globular Cluster in Hercules Constellation.

A constellation is any of various groups of stars to which a definite name such as Hercules is given. A cluster of galaxies is a system of galaxies that contains up to thousands of galaxies bound together by gravitational forces. The message sent to M13 Clustercontains information about humans, atomic numbers and key elements about Earth. One earth scientist suggested that one million civilizations could exist in our galaxy. Earth like planets are beginning to reveal themselves.

In June of 2008, a european astronomers have found three planets that resemble earth ,but all are a little bit larger that our earth. They believe these planets can support life like us( Harris). In my own opinion I think there is life in space and they might be doing the same thing we are in searching the stars for other life too! As far as we know we are the only intelligent life in our galaxy. We will never know if thereother intelligent life exists until we get better technology or a response. What we can do is not asume we are alone in our galaxy or the whole universe. If we can study and advance our technology and build inventions to see farther and more in depth of detail we might be able to find life.

As intelligent life is hard to find we may soon find intelligent life, but not now possibly in the distant future or even maybe tomorrow, but we will never know until it happens.