Extraterrestrial Life: It's Real!

There has always been that question in everyone’s mind of what is beyond our Earth; who is beyond our Earth? Through different mindsets, people have made their own theories and decisions upon what is true or not about extraterrestrial life. Shown through typical people’s sightings of life from beyond to astrobiologist’s findings of mysterious micro-organisms, there is otherworldly life held beyond our walls of Earth. Theories and research have shown a repetition of occurrences that conclude to the existence of alien life. For example, Neil deGrasse Tyson, an astrophysicist, wrote a paper reflecting on scientific and cultural implications on finding life in the cosmos.

Tyson believes that since the chemical composition of any Earth-based life is mainly made up of hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon, then any life found on another planet will be made up of the same elements in a similar way. This theory is supported by the findings of a “mysterious dragon-shaped organism found in space” (Rao). This organism was found deep in the Earth’s stratosphere in dust and particulate matter and is named as a biological entity composed of carbon and oxygen, relating to the theory made by Tyson. Not only does Tyson believe this, he also makes a statement that relates to our universe and the solar system. Our planet is not the only planet in our universe, nor is our universe not the only universe in the solar system. If it was possible to know the number of planets there are, then it is to be believed that there would be a larger number of planets than the “sum of all sounds and words ever uttered by every human who has ever lived” (Tyson).

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Not only does the number of planets result in the high probability of life being not only on Earth, but there are many planets similar to Earth that it creates an even greater reasoning for why extraterrestrial life exists (Knapton). To believe and state that Earth is the only planet to hold and contain life results in the only idea that we are unquestionably narcissistic. Another theory made through exobiology, the study of life elsewhere in the universe, is that all life from Earth are thought to be extraterrestrial in origin. There are multiple ideologies of how life was formed on earth, for example religiously or scientifically, but another possibility is that it came from outer worldly life. Professor Milton Wainwright, one of the discoverers of the dragon-shaped organism found in space, claims that he and his team have found proof that the “biochemical catalyst for human life originated elsewhere in the universe” (Rao).

This was reinforced by tiny plankton he and his team discovered on the International Space Station that orbits our Earth. Experiments made have shown that bacteria have the ability to survive outside our planet, as well as that the theory, that the plankton found on the ISS got there because of air currents from the sea, is false. The ISS is said to be more than 200 miles from Earth, showing that it is at a height too tall for the air currents to carry the plankton to the ISS and that they had to have come from elsewhere in the universe. Another example that supports this theory is from another researcher that worked with Wainwright, Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe. This professor recorded that algae-like organisms have been found on meteorites that fell to the Earth’s ground. With these new findings, Wickramasinghe and his team went forth with experiments to learn more and what they found is quite astonishing.

Through the experiment, the researchers found that “particles of DNA from extraterrestrial life are also being picked up by organisms on Earth and are built into their genetic makeup” (Rao). This evidence connects to the theory that all life found on Earth, including humans, are to be origin to extraterrestrial life and shows evidence towards the realization that life from beyond does in fact exist. Finally, alien life is supported by regular people as well as any professor or astrobiologist. For example, in 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico, a rancher woke up to have discovered the remains of an extraterrestrial flying saucer inside of his sheep pasture. After he discovered this, multiple similar drops of debris, named as “dummy drops”, from a flying saucer were found nearby. Over a decade later, in 1961, Barney and Betty Hill from Portsmouth, New Hampshire, stated to have been kidnapped by aliens.

During this kidnapping, the couple said they were taken under experiments by the aliens who abducted them. The Hills were soon put under hypnosis and asked various questions about their encounter with the aliens. Both Barney and Betty kept the same story and accusations of what had occurred to them in this alien kidnapping. Many people didn’t and may still not believe the accusation that the Hills made about getting kidnapped by aliens because of how easy a person can lie. But, since they were put under hypnosis, which is a cooperative interaction between the person and the hypnotist where the participant answers to the suggestions made by the hypnotist, it shows more evidence to their story being true because of how both were each able to keep their statements straight.

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