Real Life Scenario

The Real Life Scenario in Support. Com Team name: No “l” In Team Team members: Jazzmen Robinson, ROR Rousakis, Antitank Karma, Allen Wang MGM 300 ? Team Dynamics and Managerial Analysis Golden Gate University Case Overview The case looks at a company called Support. Com that specializes in technology support.

The company is roughly 1 1 years old and provides other companies, such as Compact, technical support to their customers with purchased products.

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All employees of the company work remotely from home, while the corporate location as a large office in Redwood City. Support. Com Irritates that It Is no longer a startup company, however, in many ways the maturity of its administration points otherwise. Jazzmen Robinson, a 2013 graduate from USAF with a background In communication Studies (also a team member of No “l” In Team), experienced the low-level administrative abilities in Support.

Coma’s human resources department. She was hired in as a Temporary Contract Recruiting Coordinator In the fall of 2013.

From Cayman’s initial perspective, the HRS team appeared to be functioning just fine, but this was definitely not the case as time revealed. The HRS Director, by the name of Erik, was the main cause of many problems that manifested in the department. Erik was employed for 7 years with the company, several of those years as the Director of HRS. Erik had a background In Nonverbal Communication, as well as many years of experience in HRS.

Nonetheless, her inabilities to lead the HRS team became quite torso