Suspicious Package Scenario

Plan for Covering the Story Capturing the Situation on the Ground My first step will be capturing the situation on the ground upon my arrival.

I’ll describe the state of things following the discovery of a mysterious package that turned out to be a bomb. This includes describing the reaction of the public and businesses within the vicinity, such as the evacuations of the bank, CDC and the Exchange. This information is necessary to show the seriousness of the incident and the government’s response. Background Information Next I’ll provide background information such as stating the time the package was discovered, describing the location as wel as identifying the person who discovered it. This background information is necessary to put the story into context and help the audience understand the implications of the incident, such as public places that are risky and insecure.Interviewing Primary Witnesses I’ll look for and interview primary witnesses and government officials at the scene to make the story more credible and authentic.

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If possible, I’ll interview one of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal experts who disarmed and disposed of the bomb. I’ll ask him about the explosive power of the bomb and whether it was timed to go off at a specific time. This will help the audience understand the damage the bomb could have caused and the people who would have been affected. Finally, I’ll ask relevant government officials at the scene too outline the security measures the government had put in place to ensure that people who use the facilities around are safe. The information will help play down fears by members of the public and affected employees regarding their safety. Organizing the Story I’ll use the inverted pyramid approach to present the story.

This will involve top-loading the main and most essential details about the incident, followed by lesser important information. This approach is necessary to give prominence to key facts about the incident and arrest the audience’s interest.Hard News I’ll present the story as hard news because of its timeliness (covers a current event) and seriousness (involves a criminal act).