Aliens: Real or Not?

You know those aliens you see on TV? What if I told you they exist. Maybe they don’t look like Marvin the Martian or the Aliens from Aliens vs. Predators, but there are other life forms out there. Aliens exist because there are claims of abductions, people searching for their existence, and the fact that we live in a universe that’s never ending. A reason that I strongly believe aliens exist is because of the abductions.

There were reports of people being abducted and then later not being able to recall what had happened! One couple Betty and Barney Hill faced something similar like this. They were driving home from their trip from Niagara Falls when they both saw a strange object in the sky. They began following it noticing it appeared and disappeared. When they finally caught up to the object they saw shapes of some kind, frightened by this they ran back to their call and drove away. The next couple of weeks the wife Betty had terrible nightmares about her and her husband being held in the spaceship without their will. After hearing of her nightmares two reporters came to their house and interviewed them.

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Later they found out there were two hours unaccounted for during their trip home, to this day no one knows what happened during those two hours, but what Betty and Barney saw that night was something not from here(Betty and Barney Hill Abduction Part 1). This story is one of the most famous abduction story known today. What this story is really talking about is how that two people who could never believe in aliens made an encounter with them. When they saw those aliens neither of them wanted to tell anyone, but when Betty starting having nightmares they thought someone could help. The fact that these two people didn’t run straight to the newspapers and tell the first people they see makes their story way more believable. If this could happen to the Hills it could happen to anyone.

Now maybe you don’t believe in the stories about abductions or UFO sightings, but there is science that may make you change your mind about alien existence. A Greek philosopher named Metrodous once said “It is unnatural in a large field to have only one shaft of wheat and in the infinite Universe only one living world (Dolan 96).” What he was saying is that in this vast Universe, Earth can’t be the only planet with living creatures it’s not normal. I believe Metrodous is right, how it can be that we are the only things living out there when space is never-ending! We have no way to find out unless we search every star, planet, comet any where life may be sustained. So all the skeptics out there should think about the possibility others besides us might exist. Metrodous was not the only one who also believed this.

A group called SETI (search for extraterrestrial intelligence) our working to prove the existence of aliens. The people working here are scientist and analyst who simply believe we can’t be the only living things in the universe, like Dr. Seth Shostak the senior astronomer of SETI. Seth developed a fascination for aliens at ten and has continued that passion throughout adulthood. Seth works round the clock to prove that other life forms are real.

Other people like Seth do the same thing they want the truth and there determined to get it. SETI is a good program searching for the truth. I think the reason this program was started is because they were curious about the universe. They want to know everything they can about it, so they believe they can find if they put their minds to it. Which is why SETI is so successful today and why one day I do believe they will find what they’re looking for The truth about aliens is yours to decide.

The reasons I stated where some of the most believable and truthful statements about extraterrestrial life you’ll find. I believe we aren’t the only ones out there in this universe, and that there are others things out there waiting to be found. Unless you search every known place for aliens then you have no reason to believe that they don’t exist. To all the skeptics out there put your facts against mine and see whose you believe the most. See space is a journey you just have to be willing to follow it if you don’t you may never know what else is out there.