Aliens, beings who are believed to come from the other worlds, are the representatives of the intelligent civilizations who are thought to have the intentions of propagating their own species along while destroying humans. Thus, they are said to pose a big threat to our universe (Herbst 49). According to the previous studies, aliens have been used as the common topic in science inventions and have been thought to resemble wasps and termites in their physical shapes but also to have features that are present in humans (Cheatham 37).

The whole caste of alien warriors is bred from a single queen in parasitic larva that live within their bodies before erupting from their chest once they mature. Their bodies exhibit various human sexual dichotomies with some relation to the human males or females (Hamilton 53). According to the reports, aliens have indistinctly bipedal forms and usually adopt stances that are hunched and quadruped when they are running or walking. Their bodies are reportedly colored in shades of bronze, blue or black that are muted and do not produce heat. Therefore, this implies that an alien’s body temperature adopts to the temperature of the environment they are in (Herbst 88).

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Aliens have been said to have the ability of running or crawling on ceilings or walls and have exhibited great physical strength as they can break through steel doors that have been welded (Hamilton 59). However, previous studies have shown that there are other forms of aliens that may exist. They claim that there are aliens that are dog-like or scorpion-like though most of them have similar bodice characteristics (Cheatham 69). The most current researches revealed the fact of existence of three types of aliens that human beings believe to exist. They are the the Greys, Reptilians and Nordics.

The Greys are believed to live far away from the universe, though most people believe that there are some which live in areas such as New Mexico and have made agreements with the American government (Hamilton 95). On the other hand, Reptilians are believed to have come from a constellation referred to as Draco and their members have lived on the Earth since the time immemorial. It is believed that these alien specimens may utilize fear or force so that they may coerce or intimidate humans (Cheatham 71). Finally, the Nordics are believed to have light eyes and blonde hair. They are said to be very attractive and can be mistakenly taken for the human beings from a distance.

These aliens are believed to be beneficial to the human race since their purpose is to warn them about their morals, which might prompt a catastrophe (Herbst 92). For the past fifty years or so there have been numerous reports of a looming alien spaceship attack on the Earth. For instance, the researchers from SETI in the past have believed that there are many newcomers in our world since there are other civilizations that are found beyond ours (Cheatham 77). According to the recent reports, there were three big alien spaceships noted by NASA and other American organizations heading towards our planet. However, the world’s major powers are making adequate plans for fighting them off because the alien invasion is thought to have already begun (Hamilton 103). It is believed that the alien invasion will be officially launched by these three spaceships.

By the end of 2012, the world governments should have come up with the most appropriate measures to protect their citizens from the looming death or destruction. This is mainly explained by the fact that the aliens, found in the world, will be aiming to achieve their agenda at all costs and at the expense of human lives. In case the alien spaceships arrive as it is expected, the war between the different civilizations will be inevitable and many people will lose their lives and property (Herbst 159).