Lime Crime Time!

Lime Crime makeup is a common makeup brand for makeup artists and regular buyers. Lime Crime is known for its pigmented lipsticks with unicorn packaging and their vegan and cruelty free label. The brand is common among the vegan community and is raved about on the daily. The founder of the brand, Xenia who now goes by Doe Deere, has been around causing havoc in the fashion, music, and cosmetic communities for a while now. The brand has a long history in scamming their costumers, but it has never been as publicized as it is now.

Doe Deere first started Lime Crime as a clothing company and as time progressed it became a cosmetic brand. The first scandal that has turned customers away from the brand is the rebranding that the company is known to be doing. Meaning, the company buys products for a cheaper price and resells them with a new label. However, regular buyers do not realize that multiple companies do the exact same thing. Products can be manufactured in the same factories and be put into different packaging with a different label and price.

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Lime Crime has been a vegan brand from the start; however, news came out that Doe Deere was not completely true to that title. Many in the vegan community boycotted the brand. The brand was secretly using beeswax and carmine in the formula for multiple different popular products. Doe Deere has admitted to using beeswax and carmine and has said that she has taken it out of the formulas, however this rumor has resurfaced. The most recent scam that Lime Crime has been accused of is giving out their customers’ information. Multiple buyers have had their information leaked and thousands of dollars stolen from their accounts.

Many people have lost anywhere from four hundred to a few thousand dollars. Makeup artists and other influential people in the cosmetic community have been boycotting the brand. Doe Deere has claimed that they had been hacked and that they have not stolen money from their loyal customers. The brand is no longer sold in Sephora stores and online. Also, the brand will not havea booth at IMATS, a makeup convention in which makeup artists and enthusiasts gather.

Lime Crime will not be sending any representatives either. Personally, I believe that Lime Crime should be more upfront with their customers. They should not be using the vegan label if they are using ingredients like beeswax in their products. Also, if Doe Deere wants to bring her brand back to its respected position in the community, I feel that she needs to formally apologize to all her customers for lying to them and stealing from some of them. She needs to clear up the whole stealing scandal and come clean about her past. Customers can easily go online and read about Doe Deere’s past in scamming and other complaints from previous customers.

If Doe Deere has changed her ways she needs to regain her customers’ trust. From everything I have read and heard from others, I would personally never buy another Lime Crime product again.