List the supermarket chains

List the supermarket chains in your city, and identify their strengths and weaknesses? The supermarket chains in my city are Careful, Union Co-pop, and Almandine. The strengths of Careful that it offers a wide range of products. It offers sales and discounts to its customers.

Careful has an excellent range of private brands. The weaknesses of Careful are that It does not easily compete on price with Almandine , its sales and discounts are temporary measures to get In customers, and It does not have a long-term strategy to keep prices low. Ion Co-pop strengths are low prices, with a wide range of products. The weaknesses of Union Co-pop are Its poor reputation with employees, reports of excesses with suppliers, and dubious sourcing. Almandine strengths are Its reputation for fashion and good quality. The weaknesses of Almanac are relatively higher prices, perception of higher prices, and low variety In certain lines of products.

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2. What business-level strategies are these supermarkets currently pursuing? The business-level strategy of Careful Is cost leadership.

It is attempting to buy in bulk and reduce prices. Still, it carries several products that target the premium segment. For example, Careful Value is low- priced but private selection is high-priced. The business-level strategy of union Co- pop is cost leadership.

It buys in bulk and sources its products from anywhere in the world. It buys where the raw materials and labor is cheapest and sells the products in its stores. The business-level strategy of Almandine is differentiation. It sells high quality and high fashion products.

It has positioned itself as a high quality premium chain.

3. What kind of supermarket would do best against the competition? What kind of business-level strategy should it pursue? The kind of supermarket that would do best against competition will be stores selling low-priced products. Discount stores would be successful. The business-level strategy should be cost leadership. It would be useful if the store was able to keep prices lower than those of Careful. Currently, with Job losses and low incomes, customers are seeking low cost stores.