Supply Chains – Report Structure

Table to show key areas requiring improvement and recommendations. Company Background This report focuses on the Identification of the key areas requiring Improvement and proposes a number of changes for Implementation to Improve the overall performance and productivity of PM Constructions. Prepared by XX @Part A – Existing Supply Chain Analysis A simplified version of Max Profit Constructions existing supply chain map is illustrated in Figure 01, showing the various flows of materials, capital and information.

Critical Actors and Nodes There are a number of critical actors involved in PM Constructions’ supply chain as follows: Architects and Consultants – The Architect is engaged by the client to omelet the design work and to appoint consultants I. E.

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Structural engineers. These actors exchange information in order to complete the design and project specifications, although there are no contractual links between both parties. Max Profit Constructions – Head Contractor engaged to complete construction works by the Client Sub-contractors – PM Constructions engages subcontractors to complete work packages I. . Carpentry, Electrical works etc. Based off design works completed by the Architect and Consultants, although there is no direct link between these parties.

Material and Equipment Suppliers – Sub-contractors attain materials and equipment to complete their works from relevant suppliers. Manual Labor – Sub- contractors must have laborers to complete the construction of their particular work package. Manufacturing – Manufacturing of raw materials to create building products required by sub-contractors.

Supplier and Sub-contractor Relationships Form a small number of relationships with reliable contractors and suppliers that have provided a high-quality service. Client Relationships Improve reputation by producing projects that are high quality and within time and cost parameters (referring back to supplier relationships) Ensure good working relationship and clear lines of communication between arties. Rectify any defects in a timely manner to ensure trust is maintained – may result in referrals for future projects.

Time Wastage Design and Construct as a procurement strategy to allow overlapping of phases. Tender only to a selected number of preferred sub-contractors as you would be Early sub-contractor involvement to order materials that have long lead times earlier. Prefabrication Implementing prefabricated building components in projects that have a high degree of modularization – I. E. Multi residential developments and hotels Prefabricated timber stud walls and roof trusses in residential construction.