Look Into the Human Mind in AP Psychology

In high school, AP classes are the most challenging and the most appealing to colleges. My school has an array of AP classes that every student can get involved in. But one of the best is AP Psychology. Mrs.

Brown, the AP psych teacher, keeps her classroom fun and educational. In AP Psychology, you learn about how the human mind works and about the mind in a way you would have never known before. Every day you learn something interesting and different. The classroom begins to feel comfortable and becomes a warm environment. With Mrs.

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Brown, you never have a boring day. Class discussions give each student their own part in the class and each story told is different compared to the next person. When taking notes, usually a student finds it boring. But in AP psych, even lectures are appealing. When learning about your own mind and what is going on inside of you at that moment, you can’t help but be excited. Mrs.

Brown, and her laid back attitude, create an easy going and stress free class. The students think of her as a friend and know they can learn from her. But because the class in an AP course, it is difficult. The tests challenge you to remember the information and understand how to use it. Notes, in-class discussions, and videos all go into learning the material.

AP psych is a fascinating class that keeps your attention throughout the semester. I recommend taking it; you will not be disappointed.