Major Pain

“Is it Worth it?” I’m no rich kid from Beverly Hills so a possible 100k debt is a nightmare, how about you? I have an uncle who went to college for 2 years before he realized that he didn’t need a degree for what he was going for. He wanted to be a business owner in Manchester, NH and he told me, “little did I know I could open up my own business with simply just buying the plot of land I was originally going to purchase.

” This made me have to think a little bit and truly understand if I have to go to college to pursue my dream job or is there a cheaper alternative? Realize your final goal because you must not spend your money towards college unwisely. You don’t want to go to a University trying to pick up information on carpentry, do you? Its all just about finding out if your investment in a degree is going to be worth it. The consequences are you losing thousands of dollars and not a soul on earth can help you. Why a college degree would be worth it is purely based on the amount of money you will make in you lifetime over someone without a college degree. Market Watch raves on,” College graduates earn $1 million more than high school graduates over their lifetime, and the income gap between the highest-paid college majors and the lowest-paid is more than $3 million dollars.

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” Americans with four-year college degrees made exactly 98 percent more per hour on average in 2013 than those without diplomas. There is just so much more money to be made with a college degree that its almost impossible for a senior fresh out of high school to want a different path this day and age. It will definitely be worth it in the long run if you are getting a degree from hopefully a not overpriced state school and the degree you are seeking has a decent pay off. I lean towards the side with the best payoff after 10 years and that is almost always the employer with a higher level of education. My mother always tells me, ” bachelah’s (slang for Bachelors) don’t flip spatulas.

” Everyone knows that figuring out your college major is no easy task but it will eventually settle in and it will be clear to you after a while of thinking it over. I believe that it is a major necessity to find out your college major soon to reduce the stress of the thousands you will have to eventually pay off. How could a college degree not be worth it? The Washington Post explains, ” For some students, the gap can make college a risky investment. It’s no longer a sure thing that graduation happens on time.” This is a prime example on why you should understand your interests and goals for your future. If you were someone who is interested in a trade like carpentry or plumbing then a college degree would be a bad idea for you.

A college degree is only valuable if you are going to use it, and someone with a plumbing license isn’t going to have much use for bachelors in psychology. If you have the feeling that student debt will impact your life greatly and you or your family just can’t handle the debt then for all means go to a trade if you so choose. We as soon to be college students have found that the payoff of a college degree may not be worth it if your plan isn’t in proper sequence with your major. The information found was that people who choose the college path end up making substantially more money friendly choices after about the first couple years. With all the points we just covered I solely recommend a college degree. Whether it’s the path of the simple associate’s scholar or a master of criminal justice most college degrees will pay off in the long run.

The best option will have to be determined by the only person that can make that decision, you. You are the only one in your shoes and if you see yourself being successful in the future then you probably see yourself going to a 4-year university in your chosen major. I’m having trouble myself, its hard to slightly gamble your money and hope it pays off with a career in 4 years, you pick up the debt and the consequences are all money issues for YOU. Even over 80 percent of women and men stay home after college. Don’t be foolish, go in with a plan.