What's your major?

Most college students don’t notice if they are already a Loan Graduate even before they finish their first semester in College. I laugh when hearing students say, “I’m undeclared;” or “I double major in English.” I laugh because of the fact that to me this is joke to my ears.

We’re are enticed into choosing a major, graduate with at least one major in four years, but in less than a year all college freshmen are already graduates magnate cum laude in debt. I have been cheated and entered the system knowing that In a few years I was going to be a young educated Arts major, and a Women Studies minor without noticing that I am a loan major. Not knowing if I have graduated in debt even before I finish my undergrad studies. You are not undeclared, nor do you double major in English only. Either you do not know if you have chosen to major in DEBTS/LOANS or you do not want to talk about it.

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Who knew college/University was one of the best and well-organized robbery networks? The paradox of a college education system; the system I trusted to help me make wiser decisions is the same system that is certified to rob me; and making sure that I graduate early with debts and loans higher than the “knowledge” I paid to be fed. Thank you college loans and debts I can finally keep my head up and shoulders squared and say it proudly that, “I am a college graduate with a major in Debts and I owe it all to infinitely and unplayable loans”.