Make The Switch!

Make The Switch! Should CBCS have four day school weeks? According to Scholastic News “Should the School Week be Shorter ” 100 school districts in the United States currently have a four day school week.

47 of those districts are in Colorado alone. More and more districts are opening up to the idea of a four day school weeks due to their benefits for students and the school’s financial status. It is perceived that students don’t actually get enough school days with this method but in reality they do, some schools even exceed the minimum number of required days. So if schools can still blossom and succeed, then why wouldn’t we adopt these benefits and have all schools be on board with the idea of a four day week. Crested Butte Community School could cut expenses.

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CBCS could save a lot of money if they changed over to a four day school week, many of the schools that have changed ended up saving a great deal of money. Also they have put their money to other things that the school needs like repairs and new equipment. Buses would run less per week saving the school on gas costs. According to a state education department report in Colorado many schools have cut transportation costs by 20% (Chmelynski 59).Also the school would save on expenses for utilities. Our school would not have all the utilities turned on on that extra day off.

Heating alone at CBCS probably costs a heap of money not to mention water and electrical bills with all our computers and technology. For example, in Morrow County School District in Lexington, Oregon they have been saving $250,000 per year from a 1.4 million dollar budget due to their switch to a four day school week 8 years ago(Chmelynski 60). CBCS could have higher test scores and grades. For example, a rural school in Louisiana named Merryville High School has had higher test scores according to district spokesperson Daniele LeMarie (Chmelynski 58). She also claimed to have more honor roll students than the years before when they had 5 day week(Chmelynski 58,59).

A four day school week means a 3 day weekend for students. This three day weekend means more sleep for students and more time for homework which can be a burdensome amount. During the weekends students stay up late hanging out with friends. This can develop a sleep debt and throw off their sleep schedule between night and day, making it harder during the week to wake up early with that lack of sleep, thus affecting their performance in school. With more sleep students can focus and engage in classes better which helps with learning and comprehension of the topic they are focusing on. Homework, although students hate it if they have enough time to get it done it may help keep their grades from slipping.

In conclusion many students and schools could use this time off, not just me. Join the 100 schools in the United States who have already made the change. Think about yourself as a student or parent. What would you want for your school? Could you use this shorter school week to your benefit? If so take action and contact your school and tell them what you think. Explain to them how they could benefit themselves and their students by making the change to a shorter school week.

Talk to your principal see what they think or get your schools PTA on board and your school could have a shorter school week too.