Makeup vs No Makeup

Everything that is good is regarded as beautiful but not all that is outstanding and beautiful is considered to be good. The modern social lifestyle is engrossed in being and staying beautiful to the extent that women have gone to varying lengths keep up with the fashion trend. A majority of the women population is in a dilemma as to whether to wear makeup or not in order to be beautiful.

Further more the environment they live in greatly influences the choices the women population makes regarding beauty. As a result of fashion pressure, the cosmetic industry has developed a variety of products considered to enhance beauty. Which ever strategy one employs, to wear make up or not to, in order to be beautiful is greatly influenced by the end results. The application of colored substances to body parts, for example the face, in order to achieve a desired change to augment appearance such as a smooth skin tone or color change entails wearing makeup. There exists varying types of cosmetics including varnishes for nails, lip gloss, lipstick, eyeliner, mascara ,skin –creams, hair gels, bathing oils, face powders and deodorants (Linter and Johnson 2011)..

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The utilization of makeup cut s across all the population of the world. The use of make up enhances looks making the woman more attractive, highlights body features such ones lovely eyes, smoothens the skin making the lady appear younger and can conceal blemishes. This plays a crucial part in ones life as it boosts an individuals self esteem.However, the use of makeup and lack of regulations has led to negative side effects,blindness,skin irritation, deformities and even resulted to fatal cases. For instance, the use of mascara lash in the 1900s led to blindness and the facial application of white lead for the period of renaissance resulted to death. Some of the makeups tend to make the skin oilier than expected resulting into irritation.

Eye applications might affect ones eyes and lipstick chemicals penetrate into the body via the mouth. The excess application of make-up impacts negatively on the woman’s appearance as it makes her look like a clown and more ugly than before. This affects the confidence of the individual woman when being around others. Another drawback of using makeup is that it is expensive. The costs can be hiked during financial hardships and since one is addicted to using them, buying the makeup in such time only worsens the financial situation.

Deodorants may lead to skin allergies which in turn may cause contact dermatitis. In addition, the application of very conspicuous makeup such as red lipstick which imitates lips flushing during sexual pleasure is mostly associated with sexual approachability and immoral women as evidenced in the 1800s period (Linter and Johnson 2011).. During this time, prostitutes were the sole users of makeup and this prompted Queen Victoria to openly pronounce the use of makeup as being improper, naughty and only to be employed during acting.Consequently, women were told that face painting was meant for clowns and not for Master Race women by Adolf Hitler. Athletes and Parabens chemicals contained in most makeup are associated with cancer development.

The exposure to parabens enhances the danger of breast cancer and defects in birth and impairments in the reproductive system are brought about by Athlete chemicals. Healthy living is all about the basic necessities such as food, water and oxygen. This ensures free growth of a woman’s skin and body in general thereby maintaining natural beauty. The skin is allowed to breathe efficiently facilitating proper functioning of all the body systems. To be a naturally beautiful woman has no disappointments as compared to women wearing makeup which cause embarrassment in public. The cost of maintaining natural beauty is very minimal as one does not engage in buying products to enhance looks.

The risk of breast cancer is reduced since exposure to carcinogenic substances is minimal. The growth of skin is natural and this makes the aging process to delay as compared to use of makeup whose chemicals may enhance aging process. Natural beauty in women is exemplified by Grace Coddington, the world’s best stylist. Personal comfort is very essential to a woman and some are affected by makeup. The need to live a simple life is boosted by natural beauty as it saves a lot of time wasted while wearing makeup and also states clearly a woman’s personal social testimony. As much as being beautiful is essential, the means to attain this goal should carefully be examined.

The use of makeup has proved to be more expensive and has more side effects that are detrimental to a woman’s life as compared to being naturally beautiful.Thus; a woman should rather be concerned with the contents of natural beauty rather than the superficial gains of wearing makeup.