GTL! Gym, tan, laundry minus the “t” when summer is over people tend to go to the tanning salons more often to keep their summer tan. Sun tanning and tanning is the process of where skin is colored or darkness.

People deliberately tan their skin by going to the tanning salon, spray tanning and self tanner. Ultra violet lights consist of UV-A and UV-B rays. UV-A rays consist of longer wavelengths that penetrate deep into dermal layers of the skin. UV-B is known as the “burning rays”. They are considered to be more dangerous and harmful to the body then UV-A rays.

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(Harmful Effects) Tanning beds usually give off 93% to 99% of emit light. This can be very dangerous and cause cancer. Although you may be getting a tan you have to think of the outcomes that can come with the tanning. First you could get many different diseases. One of the diseases is Melanoma.

Melanoma is one of the leading causes to skin cancer. Melanoma starts in the pigments of your skin. UV radiation from the light it the tanning bed give off rays that cause the cancer. Melanoma is known to be the most dangerous and deadliest skin cancer out there. “About 62,000 cases of Melanoma were diagnosed in the United States and about 8,000 people died from the disease.” (Health Beauty) In the recent years a dramatic rise in melanoma was found in younger women.

(Health beauty) Women feel the need to constantly be tan to feel beautiful. Therefore they go to indoor tanning salons to make being tan year round possible. Little do they know they’re putting themselves in a dangerous situation. One research group found out that in 2006 the use of tanning beds for women under the age of 30 to be associated with a 75% increase of a melanoma risk. There are two types of aging.

Intrinsic (internal) which is caused by genes. Extrinsic (external) which is caused by environmental factors.(Aging) For example, exposure to UV lights. With aging comes along many different consequences. “No woman wants to age faster than she already has to.

” With aging comes along freckles, age spots, spider veins, rough leathery skin, saggy skin, and wrinkles that disappear when you stretch. Both the UV-A and UV-B rays increase a person’s risks of aging faster then they have to. “By going tanning it increases your risk of again by 35%.” (Heath Effects) Women that have tanned when they were younger will start to see the effects of tanning between the ages of 30 to 50, depending on how frequently they used tanning beds. Even though you are required to use lotion when tanning the UV-A and UV-B rays go right through the lotion into the lower dermal layers not protecting the skin.

Tanning is a great source of vitamin D. Even though the lotion that they require you to use supposedly has ingredients in it to block off bad rays, it still goes right to the lower; dermal layers and attacks the skin. Also, they require you to wear eye wear; the “winkies” are still the same as wearing nothing on your eyes. Being tan may look good but when you have dieses you’ll regret it then. Works Cited Elizabeth Carruth.

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