Management Information System Case Study

When Steven got the first place In a race, other peoples began to very Interested in their products. Both young men realized that they had an opportunity to enter Into dirt Bikes market. They opened a small production facility in Carbondale which has since expanded to house 120 works involved in production, designing engineering and a corporate sales and administrative staff of close to 20 employees. As experienced racers, they understand that the quality is the life of products. They have made a goal as the market leader to supply the best dirt bikes by using the best components.

If a potential customer lives more than 50 miles from nearest authorized Dirt Bikes dealer, the customer can purchase a Dirt Bike or parts through a certified independent motorcycle dealer.

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Retail customers can purchase spare parts directly from Dirt Bikes only by verifying that they live more than 50 miles from an authorized Dirt Bikes dealer. One of Dirt Bikes sales department responsibilities is to aggressively promote Dirt Bikes at dirt bike racing and other events, except close cooperating with their distributors. Dirt Bikes uses a small public relation firm to place articles about new products and the company’ story in the magazines.

Organization: Figure 1. 2 Organization Chart Dirt Bikes USA, owned by Carl as CEO and Steven as COO, use “flat” organization structure to manage its business.

There are 3 managers in production, administration and sales & marketing departments. Totally, there are 10 employees working in administration, like controller, accountant, administration assistant, human resource, secretaries and information systems specialists. Others work in manufacturing department. (See Figure 1. 2) Situation in Dirt Bikes In 2002, Dirt Bikes faced losing profit to 1,444,000 US$ (See Figure 1. 3).