Introduction: Marijuana has been treated as a recreational entity for long time. New age young stars have become smarter and they seek logic behind everything, they don’t just obey the mass decision they want reasons to support the every single decision taken by the government or by the judiciary department of the state. Two suggested methods for Getting Started: Marijuana is accepted as the mild drug in most of the societies and that is the reason the discussion about the legalizing the drug for the medical purpose or for the recreational purpose must come from the horse’s mouth. And that is the reason to select the two selective ways is the free writing and the brainstorming. The argument: Should marijuana be legalized for medical and/or recreational use? Discussion: The marijuana or the cannabis can be taken as the mild drug. Most of the parents take the marijuana as the fatal addiction.

The fataladdiction is something which can kill the addicted person in most of the cases. And the withdrawal from the particular drug can be fetal for the person. However, in most of the marijuana related cases the hallucination, excessive vomiting, or shakings are not observed often in case of withdrawal (Cermak 43). But, cannabis has a great importance in the drug production for many medicines.Most of the pharmaceutical companies have their own production of marijuana for the use in the medicines. However, there is only one synthetic cannabis drug available in the market and that is named as nabilone, which is used for the oral treatment for the nausea produced from the chemotherapy in the cancer treatment (Aldridge 216).

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From the historical viewpoint the marijuana is known to the people for more than four thousand years and it used to be taken as a medicine in many Asian countries like India, china and many other Middle East countries. Chinese doctors used to treat malaria, rheumatism, and many other illnesses with the usage of the medicinal values of the cannabis or the marijuana (Connolly 7). It has been seen for many years that marijuana has many medicinal values and it can be taken as a pain reliever and also as a recreational drug. However the legal boundaries have created a curiosity among many people. The legalization of the marijuana is preferable as the death related to the marijuana is far lesser than the death related to the alcohol.

However it is also true that the consumption of alcohol is much higher than the marijuana. But if excessive drinking of alcohol is legal then why the nominal amount of marijuana can’t be legal? Conclusion:From this study it is very much prominent that the marijuana has the better medicinal values from the alcohol. However, the alcohol is legal to consume but smoking cannabis illegal in the other hand. In the near future the limited amount of marijuana consumption would be legal as the smoking of marijuana can’t be stopped the mare legal barriers.