What Is It? Medical Marijuana

Marijuana has become a taboo for many people in the United States; this view of marijuana is common but also very new according to a pro medical marijuana article, (update: marijuana). This “taboo” was once widely used as a medical drug by many civilizations. Marijuana is illegal to use recreationally in the United States, but what needs to be discussed throughout the government is if this fairly mild drug could be used in a legitimate way for medical use. Marijuana is an all natural plant that can help soothe pain or alleviate nausea or even cure depression and anxiety.

There are many ways to consume marijuana; eating butter made from plant oils, inhaling fumes from a bong or most commonly from smoking a “joint”. These things might conjure images from Cheech and Chong comedy shows or of violent drug wars or even of young teens going out back to try something elicit for the first time. Marijuana is a drug that contains THC a compound that slows down body processes and calms the users mind, these qualities are ideal for people who suffer from anxiety or depression or from chronic pain. This is why medical marijuana has been legalized in some states like California. Some people believe that if marijuana is legalized improperly then punishment of small time users and abuse of marijuana will increase, this is the main view of (Legislature eyes legalization). These problems wouldn’t be caused by the legalization of medical marijuana, if you look at alcohol or prescription drugs there are certain safety systems in place to protect minors or to keep the drugs out of the hands of people who don’t need the drug.

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By legalizing the drug in a controlled way the only things that will happen are that the drug will be more controlled and safer due to FDA regulations, and that people who really need the drugs are getting them to help their hard to control illnesses. In some circles the idea of legalizing marijuana is terrible because they think that dispensaries that would give the marijuana to patients would try to turn a profit by giving anyone who asked for a prescription a prescription. (Legislator eyes Legalization) This does not follow any logic to the laws that are currently in place in states that have already been legalized. The only dispensaries that are legal are non profit and are supported by hospitals or are strictly governed pharmaceutical companies that dispense other drugs and medicines. These dispensaries already exist in California and there have been very little problems with the set up and management of these establishments.

Licensed doctors are the only ones who can give prescriptions. Realistically, there are far less dangers and problems associated with legalizing marijuana only as a medical drug than there are with having alcohol be legal as a recreational drug. Alcohol has a more immediate affect on the motor skills than marijuana, because marijuana is a depressant that makes the user calm and that is the main affect on the humans’ ability to function. The article (Update: Marijuana) suggests the idea marijuana would be used at times where someone would not be driving or operating something that requires a lot of concentration; medical marijuana would most likely be used before bed and before meals and only one dose of marijuana is needed to get the medicinal affects. Unlike alcohol which has no medical use and is often consumed at bars which the user must then drive home from, a perfect set up for a dangerous situation.

Just comparing the two shows that marijuana is safer; marijuana would only be able to be given by a doctor or with a prescription, marijuana relaxes and calms people where as alcohol can make people angry or wildly emotional. Marijuana has almost no toxins other than those generated by smoke compared to alcohol which is a toxin. In the end it is up to the American public to choose; keep up the fake portrayal of marijuana as a harmful drug that causes only problems, or to let it be used for the sick to help heal people suffering from long term chronic illnesses and pain.