Marketing MaxSight

How has Nikkei used an analysis of consumer needs to identify different markets and products for Insight? What are these different market-produce combinations? The most likely to adopt the product? A. Nikkei has chosen to make their target market primarily athletes and sports participants. However their contact lenses are not Just for athletes, these lenses would work for those with an active lifestyle. B.

? C. Athletes are the most likely to adopt this product because they will benefit the most for these contacts. Identify the elements of the Marketing mix for Nikkei Insight currently. What marketing mix recommendations do you suggest beyond those Nikkei has already undertaken? A. Sports related contact lenses, about 50%, Came out when other products didn’t satisfy the consumers b. For a discontinued product the one recommendation I could make is to bring the product back, Make it a newer and improved version.

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They could even make the price around 50$ because when people think of Nikkei they don’t think of bad useless products.

They think of quality sporting goods. These contact lenses would fit into their category of sports related merchandise. 3. This product is positioned toward athletes who want to improve their performance and visual acuity. However, it may be difficult for anyone who does not already wear contact lenses to be motivated to adopt this product.

A) How likely is it that Nikkei will be able to capture noncombatant lens-wearing athletes? B) What can Nikkei do to encourage the noncombatant lens-wearing athlete to adopt the reduce? . Nikkei is a trusted brand if their product is of good quality and does the Job the way that it is Intended to then their likely hood of capturing these none contact wearers Is pretty high. B. For starters a way to capture the noncombatant lens-wearing athletes would be to offer them as trials to these athletes. That way if they like them they will buy them if they don’t they will not use them and Nikkei will have to Improve their product or change who they are trying to sell their product too.