Marketing Plan for Hotel

This marketing plan presents a fresh and brand new concept of Cultural Heptagon Hotel that will target mainly family vacationers and mature travellers.

We have drawn up a SWOT analysis that shows clearly where our hotel stands in the market. With the many strengths we possess, our firm is confident that we are able to achieve the objective of having 85% occupancy rate on a regular basis. We have also made plans that will position the hotel as a 4 stars property, providing top-notched service and fine quality standards.

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The hotel layout is structured in a way that every accommodating level houses a different cultural theme and concept. The service staff on duty at each level will be attired according to the theme.

Since the target market is family vacationers, the hotel has special add-on services for its guests. For instance, providing guided tours and merging of rooms to form a larger area for families to sleep together. For the safety of our guests, the hotel has built-in safety features especially for the elderly and children.

With promotion in mind, the hotel will utilize brochures, media, e-newsletters and a retail store to create awareness in the public. We are going to price ourselves slightly above other 4 stars properties in Singapore as we have a very unique concept, providing better value-added services that will be upgraded annually. The hotel will have its own website, providing direct online booking of rooms.

1. ABOUT THE HOTEL Hotel name: Cultural Heptagon Hotel Our themes are mainly from different cultures and we have seven themes forming a heptagon-shaped logo.

That is why our hotel’s name is Cultural Heptagon Hotel. It is uncommon in many hotels’ name, therefore making us even more unique. Targeted Market: Family Vacationers and Mature Travellers Hotel’s Vision: To be Asia’s leading 4 stars property and recognized world-wide Hotel’s Mission: To exceed our guests’ expectations by serving them with our unconditional services and providing comfort and hospitality for those away from their homes.

2. SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths:

•Located near Changi Airport

It will be more convenient for the guests to travel to and fro the hotel. •Located near Changi Beach and Pulau Ubin Being located near these two locations, we are able to plan leisure activities for the guests. For example, a one day tour to Pulau Ubin. It will be an advantage to people who like the eco-tourism system.

•Themed rooms

These are rarely seen in other hotels and make us stand out from our competitors. They also allow guests to enjoy their stay and have a good impression of the country.

•Tour guide service

Experienced tour guides are specially hired for the convenience of our guests.

•Target Market:

Family Vacationers and Mature Travellers Our targeted market is different from most of the hotels in Singapore as they are mainly targeting at businesses men.

•A brand new hotel Everything in our hotel is new. Our hotel has all the latest facilities.

As we are a new hotel, we have the latest computerised check-in and check-out systems, which add up to the total satisfactions of the guests.


•Location is too deserted

Free shuttle bus services will be provided to transport guests to and fro the airport and city areas.

•Only able to accommodate 100 rooms We can focus more on the guests’ needs and wants to provide excellent services.

•Number of customers may fluctuate during different peak periods We will offer festive promotions to reduce fluctuations during different peak periods.


•Work with China National Tourist Office (CNTO) and Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) to promote our hotel to their travel agencies that plan family vacations.

Work with Singapore Tourism Board to promote our hotel as our hotel is one of the very few hotel targeting families •Work with Red Dot Inc Publishing Pte Ltd (Uniquely Singapore) to publish about our hotel in tourist guides such as The Official Map of Singapore series •Work with the media and press to shoot an advertisement of our hotel and play it on Discovery Travel and Living channel

•Cooperate with the Asian Civilisations Museum to be part of our hotel, probably housing with us to further enhance our hotel’s uniqueness

Threats: Changi Village Hotel as a competitor

•In 2010, two Integrated Resorts will be built in Singapore The Integrated Resorts will attract many tourists and will lead to a decrease in our hotel’s occupancy rate.

•Ecological Issues The hotel is near the coast therefore the air will be moist. More money will have to be spent on regular maintenance. •Irregular weather in Singapore Bad weather may spoil the plans made to go for activities


•Our different themed rooms

•Singapore cultured cuisines all in our hotel Our different targeted market where we will have reduced competition

• Hired tour guides


DEMAND ANALYSIS Fig 1: As illustrated in the chart above, for the past three years, there has been an increase in the visitor arrivals in Singapore. From January to June 2007, Singapore has welcomed 4. 9 million visitors, registering a 5. 2% growth over the past year. In addition, the statistics from STB’s website have revealed that Indonesia (136,000), P R China (104,000), India (63,000), Australia (60,000) and Malaysia (55,000) were Singapore’s top five visitor-generating markets.

The growth in arrivals to Singapore was driven by a series of branding and promotional campaigns that ran over the period.

The campaigns were the “Integrated Family Campaign” and “Summer Shopping Campaign”. With our targeted market as families, we are able to meet up to this tourism demand and it is with the help of the integrated family campaign that has resulted in an increase in visitor arrivals. With the different themes inculcated in our hotel, we cater to tastes and preferences. Singapore is a multi-racial country with people from different races and cultures living together.

Many foreigners come to Singapore hoping to experience our lifestyle. To allow them to experience our different cultures and lifestyle, our hotel rooms have themes in four main cultures in Singapore.

They are the Chinese, Indian, Malay and Western culture. Other than these four cultural themes, we also have themes such as Korean, Japanese and nature theme to cater to other guests’ preferences.


5. 1 Geographic segmentation Referring to the demand analysis, the top five visitors-generating markets accounted for 50% of total visitor arrivals for the month.

It is highly favorable for the hotel to target tourists coming from Asia, especially China and Hong Kong as they contribute to more than half of the visitors from Asia. Since tourists from China and Hong Kong speak either Mandarin or Cantonese, one criteria for employment of the service staff should include the ability to speak the language/dialect.

5. 2 Demographic Segmentation In 2006, most visitors were of the age of above 25 years and below 64 years. People of this age group are the ones who have children. In addition, the booming economy will increase people’s purchasing power.

Therefore, the hotel is targeting people of different ages, as the mentioned age group would most likely to bring their families to the hotel. For example, there is an activity centre catered especially for youths, a business centre for businessmen who come with their families, and different room themes that will appeal guests of all ages. Eventually, a family life cycle is likely to exist, when guests have had experiences and return in the future.

5. 3 Psychographic Segmentation Markets can also be segmented based on their interests.

Recently, the latest emerging markets of the tourism industry include mature travellers, DINK (Dual Income No Kids) and pink (referring to homosexuals).

These markets have purchasing power as their incomes are not spent on children and other factors unlike markets like DEWK (Dual Income With Kids). This group of people can be segmented by their interests and activities as shown in the table below: MarketPossible Interests/Activities Mature TravellersNature/Hiking, Culture, History DINKRelaxation, Recreational Activities PinkWater sports, Culture

5. 4 Benefit Segmentation

A benefit bundle should satisfy the needs and wants of the customer. Therefore, advertisements and brochures should include all the benefits offered by staying in the hotel. Such benefits include an energizing hot spring spa, a breathtaking view of the sunrise, complimentary breakfast and other appealing privileges.


TARGET MARKETING The hotel targets families as its market and has created special arrangements for their stay. Families can come together to spend quality time and get to know each other better so as to strengthen their relationship and trust.

Being located near Changi Beach and Pulau Ubin, families can enjoy the recreational activities which are available. The activities include fishing, cycling, rollerblading, water sports, hiking and so on. Guided tour packages inclusive of planned activities for the guests to choose from are also introduced.

Such tour packages consist of recreational activities, heritage and cultural tours, shopping spree and food hunt tours. Through these guided tours, families are able to open up to Singapore’s history, culture and food varieties together.

In addition, the guests can also request for adjourning rooms in the case where there are too many members in the family. The rooms are also made to be children-friendly. For instance, rounded table edges and cushioned lining at the wardrobes are standardised in every room. The hotel’s aim is to have something for everyone in the family.

Therefore, planning something for every one and for families to spend time together is the priority.


7. 1 Themed Rooms We can design merchandises and souvenirs such as towels, key chains, pocket mirror, handphone strap, traveller’s bags and figurines.

We will also design a logo (heptagon shape) that symbolizes our hotel and have the figurines dressed in different themed costumes.

For example, the Japanese themed figurines will be dressed in kimonos. For the safety of our guests, our hotel has safety features for the elderly and kids. Wall-mounted support handles will be installed in the toilets of every room. There will also be non-slip floor mats outside the bathtub. For the safety of the kids, our hotel will not have any sharp edged furniture; all our furniture will be round-edged.

Our hotel toilets will each have a baby changing room for guests to change babies’ diapers. On the fifth level, there will be a pharmacy and a clinic with doctors on call for 24 hours. This means that whenever our guests are not feeling well, they can call the clinic for help. Guests will not have to pay for the extra service, only for the fees of the prescribed medication and consultation. There will be an activity centre where our guests can rent board games, fit ball, and poker cards.

The kids’ corner and the karaoke cabins are also in the activity centre. There are also guests who may have urgent work to do.

Therefore we have specially built the business centre for them. All the facilities they need such as the computer, fax machine and hi – speed wireless connection are all available. Moreover, as our hotel is targeting families, we can introduce guided tour packages with planned activities.

Families travel mainly to relax and shop. Therefore by introducing tour packages, they can be sure of the interesting holiday schedule planned for them. These packages include trips to the town area for a shopping spree, visits to Fort Siloso, Singapore Zoo and even a one day trip to Pulau Ubin.

These would enable families to experience Singapore’s traditions, cultures and way of living. There are also cultural and historical tours. Our guests will be brought around by our experienced tour guides to the Singapore Art Museum, Esplanade, Chinatown, Little India, and et cetera.

Next, there are seven different themes (Japanese, Korea, Nature, Chinese, Malay, Indian and Western) in our hotels providing our guests with a wider range of choices. We have allocated three levels for each theme. There will be yoga mat and yoga DVD in all nature theme rooms.

Guests will have to sleep on the Tatami mats as it is part of the Japanese culture. Guests will have to sleep on the thick mattresses place on the platform.

Our rooms are also specially designed to cater to families’ needs. Due to the limited area in the room, it is made possible to have adjourning rooms. The room connectors will only be unlocked upon the request of the guests. It also serves as fulfilling the needs of the guests as people need privacy. Lastly, we will be serving drinks to the guests upon their arrival at the lobby while they relax on the Italian leather sofas.

Musicians will be playing the grand piano which is placed near the front desk; guests are also welcomed to use it.

7. 2 Hotel Layout and Descriptions Basement 1Carpark – Free Parking for guests, employees and management. Washrooms LobbyShuttle bus services to Orchard Road, Chinatown and Little India. Taxi Stand Reception where friendly staff will serve guests with great hospitality Lobby/Waiting Area with Italian leather sofas for the guests’ comfort and a grand piano for guests’ usage Renowned Bakery with award-winning bakers Retail Store selling Hotel’s designer-made merchandises

Washrooms Level 13 Ballrooms – The Sing-Aragon (Singapore culture) – C’est La Vie Ballroom (French culture) – Empire Ballroom (English culture) Washrooms Level 25 Function Rooms – Changi Business – The Suitcase – The Crescent – The Noose – The Pavillion Washrooms Level 3Singapore Buffet – Malay, Chinese, Indian and Western dishes International Buffet – “Guaranteed” time for breakfast from 6.

30am to 9. 30am. Washrooms Level 4Business Centre – Computers (wireless internet access) – Fax and Printing Services Activity Centre – Kids Corner (Fun Dazzle maze) Games Centre (board games for rent to be brought to the room and play or played in the games room. ) -DVD Rental -Play Station and X box Game Rooms Karaoke Cabins – to enable family members or friends to come together for a time of having each others company. 24 Hour Clinic and Pharmacy – includes 24-Hour call-in doctor services.

Washrooms Level 5Akashi Japanese Restaurant The restaurant’s interior structure will be the designed based on the traditional Japanese style. This is to create the suitable environment for the guests to enjoy their meal.

We will be adopting a cozy and comfortable environment. (Refer to Appendix C) Dae Jang Keun Restaurant (Korean) Guests will learn the traditional Korean way of eating here. It is similar to the Japanese style as they will have their meals while sitting on the floor.

They will be seating on cushions and will be enjoying their meal on the big and low wooden rectangle table. Lastly, we are able to tangabilise the intangible services and to let our customers gain confidence in our product even before purchasing it. (Refer to Appendix D) Washrooms Level 6 Level 7Korean Themed Rooms (7 rooms on each level)

Rooms are designed in traditional Korean style where the guests will get to sleep on Korean style mattresses known as yo, a Korean quilt or ibul and a pillow filled with wheat husks called pyogae (Refer to Appendix A). This is to let our guests experience Korean style of dining. The room is also warmed by Ondol, an underfloor heating system which the customers can adjust the temperature.

This is to provide a warm and comfortable bedding to ensure good night sleep. There will be posters on the wall about the Korean culture. Level 8 Level 9Japanese Themed Rooms (7 rooms on each level)

Rooms are designed in traditional Japanese style which is widely known as ZEN. It is going to be simple and it gives a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. The guests will be sleep on Tatami mats (Traditional Japanese Water Grass Beds).

There will be posters on the wall about the Japanese culture. Level 10 Level 11Chinese Themed Rooms (7 rooms on each level) Rooms are designed based on the traditional Chinese palace setting. The furniture will be wooden and handmade with traditional carvings on them. These details will add on to the atmosphere of the room. Guests will be able to experience the Chinese traditional culture of living.

There will be Posters on the wall about the Chinese culture.

Level 12Chinese Themed Rooms (6 rooms) Same as level 10 and 11. There is one less room as it is for the room attendants to get their cleaning equipment from. Level 13 Level 14Malay Themed Rooms (7 rooms on each level) Rooms are designed based on the traditional Malay Kampong style which provides a relaxed and carefree environment as the Kampong people live a simple and carefree life where they live each day without having to worry much. There will be posters on the wall about the Malay Kampong Culture and way of living.

The posters would also include some of the unique traditions and cuisines of the Malay culture. Level 15Malay Themed Rooms (6 rooms) Same as level 13 and 14.

There is one less room as it is for the room attendants to get their cleaning equipment from. Level 16 Level 17Indian Themed Rooms (7 rooms on each level) Rooms are designed in the traditional Indian style. There will be posters on the wall about the Indian Culture. Level 18Indian Themed Rooms (6 rooms) Same as level 16 and 17. There is one less room as it is for the room attendants to get their cleaning equipment from.

Level 19

Level 20Nature Themed Rooms (7 rooms on each level) Rooms are designed in a way in which the guests will feel like they are close to nature which includes flowers and bamboo as decorations. Each room will have a yoga mat and yoga VCD. There will be posters on the wall about the current sate of the environment and what actions we could take to help do our part to improve the environment. Level 21 Nature Themed Rooms (6 rooms) Same as level 19 and 20. There is one less room as it is for the room attendants to get their cleaning equipment from.

Level 22 Level 23Western Themed Rooms (6 rooms on each level)

Rooms are designed based on the western royal kings and queens style which provides a luxurious and classy environment. There will be posters on the wall about the Western Culture and standards of living. The posters will also include some of the unique traditions and cuisines of the Western Culture. Level 24Western Suite (4 rooms) The rooms are similar to the rooms on Level 22 and 23 but they will be twice the size. There will be a personal Jacuzzi, kitchen and living room as well as 2 or 3 bed rooms.

Level 25Glass Ceiling – Gym, Jacuzzi, Sauna and Swimming Pool. Washrooms and Changing Rooms 7. General Guestroom Information -24- hour room service/ doctor on call -Writing desk -Wake-up call -Telephone in bathroom -Sprinkler system -Smoke detectors -Mini fridge -Laundry/dry cleaning service -International Direct Dial (IDD) telephone -Interconnecting rooms -Iron and ironing board upon request -Handicapped room capabilities -Hair dryer -Full-length mirror -Electronic safe -Electrical supply 230V/AC 50 cycles -Doors with double lock and safety latch -Computer data port -LCD TV -DVD player – Bathroom with private shower and toilet – Writing paper and pens – Few armchairs – Safe Luggage storage space – Air conditioning that can be individually adjusted – Extensive assortment of beauty products – Automated environmental-friendly toilet bowl (Refer to Appendix G) 8. PROMOTION STRATEGY Advertising Budget Mode Of AdvertisingBudget Brochures: Official Map of Singapore (Uniquely Singapore) S$190,000 Television: Travel and Living Discovery ChannelS$7,000 E Marketing (Online Website)S$5,000 Cultural Heptagon Hotel BrochureS$10,000 Our target market is family vacationers. Therefore, we can print our own brochures and place them in the airport to inform them about our hotel.

Besides printing our own brochures, we can work with “Uniquely Singapore” to have our hotel information printed on their brochures. As “Uniquely Singapore” has Singapore’s map and Singapore’s shopping and leisure activities on it, the percentage of tourists taking the brochure will be much higher. We plan to purchase the sponsorship package of $190,000 per year which includes a premium back panel, logo on cover of map and advertising messages inside the map. Thus, the percentage of our hotel being promoted will also be higher. Our hotel can also promote through the media and press.

We can shoot an advertisement of our hotel and play it on Discovery Travel ; Living.

While watching shows on the channel, customers may be having thoughts of having a holiday. Therefore when our advertisement is played during commercial breaks, they will come to know about our hotel and our packages. Thus, choosing our hotel will come to their mind right away. Other than using brochures to advertise, our hotel can send newsletters to guests who have stayed in our hotel before. They will be informed of the upcoming packages and promotions.

Our hotel has a retail store which has merchandises with our hotel’s logo on it. When guests buy these merchandises home as souvenirs, they can be served as a promotion method. Their friends and relatives will know about our hotel and visit us the next time they are in Singapore. Hence, the retail store can sell merchandises such as towels, combs, stationery and even specially designed clothes. Through word-of-mouth, our hotel’s name will spread to more people worldwide. 9.

PRICING STRATEGY Room Rates Rooms Categories Deluxe RoomsRoyal Presidential Suites From $329* From $429* Breakfast included * Taxes and service charges included Our room rates are slightly higher than other four star hotels in Singapore but we provide better value-added services and facilities in comparison with them. Annually, we will send all our employees for training to upgrade themselves, so they will provide the best services to our guests. Our hotel will also have the latest facilities and equipments for our guests’ usage. With only 100 rooms, we are able to focus more on our guests’ needs and provide excellent services making them feel relaxed and enjoyable staying in our hotel.

For instance, we have our own tour guides who will plan tours according to our guests’ personal interests.

10. DISTRIBUTION STRATEGY Other than the advertising in the brochures and E-newsletters, we will also create an online website which enables customers to make bookings and enquirer online. Online booking service is specially made for the convenience of the customers and the service provider as it saves time and shortens the traditional transaction procedure. By creating a website, we are able to respond quickly to the customers’ request.

We could cooperate with intermediaries such as travel agencies and tour operators.

These intermediaries help make tourism services available to a large number of potential customers in a cost effective way. Firstly, travel agencies provides important information sales and links between us and the travelling public so by cooperating with them, they act as a medium to connect us with the customers. This would help save cost for advertising as the travel agencies would arrange for their customers to stay at our hotel as a accommodation in the tour packages they offer.

Although we could cut cost on advertising, we would still have to pay a commission to them. Secondly, tour operators engaged in planning, preparing, and marketing and at times operating vacation tours. We could engage them to help us plan the guided tours of which we offer as part of our product or work with them so that they would include our hotel as one of the accommodation in the tours that they organize.

Other than intermediaries and our hotel’s online booking system, guests can book our rooms by calling our hotel’s reservation hotline and faxing to us.

It is a simple process and the hotel lobby’s reception staff will serve our guests throughout the whole reservation process. Technology is getting advanced and guests can also email us on the details of the rooms they want. 11. POSITIONING AND BRANDING We would like our guests to see us as a hotel that provides high quality service with uniquely-designed accommodation to cater to their interests, needs and wants. We would also like to create a fun and enjoyable environment for our guests to utilize our facilities and have a memorable experience at our hotel.

Our hotel will have 25 levels, of which the top 19 levels will be the hotel rooms. Each level will have a unique theme by itself. This enables our customers to have a memorable and comfortable stay. To ensure co-ordination, all the room attendants will be dressed in Chinese collared white shirt and black pants. This style would make them look neat and tidy all the time giving guests a good impression of the hotel.

(Refer to Appendix F) Posters regarding the specific themes of each level will also be put up along the corridors to enable the guests to know more about the cultures of that heme. For instance, posters on the significant food for each theme, that is, sushi for Japanese, kimchi for Korean, showing how it is being prepared, the different versions for each and where can they find these delicacies in Singapore. 12. E-MARKETING The internet is a very useful and effective way of advertising as it is able to reach to the global audience at a low cost. By creating an online website for the hotel, it enables users from all over the world to be able to come and know about our hotel’s services and facilities at anytime of the day.

It also involves search engines that can promote our product and services directly to people who are actively looking for it. We can also advertise on other web pages that are related to travel (such as Singapore Tourism Board) so that people can easily link us from there. Our website will include our hotel’s mission statement, information on hotel’s services and facilities (room rates and dining), a virtual tour round the hotel, location map, latest promotions, online brochures, contact information and FAQ section(frequently asked questions) to allow guests to know more about the hotel before making their choice.

Customers can also access our online booking system to book rooms conveniently, whereby they can even choose the facing they desire. This saves time and cuts down the process of booking through travel agencies. Online marketing also allows easy track advertising, promotion, and sales.

This will enable our management to monitor on the advertising progress and focus on the most effective method. E-newsletters provide information of interest to the customers. By having e-newsletters, it is more convenient for the customers.

Those who subscribe to our newsletter will have the advantages of knowing about our promotions and packages specially catered for our guests. They will be able to read all the information through the newsletter.

The use of e-newsletters is useful in helping our hotel to attract new customers and to keep old customers informed and updated on new products and thereby maintaining good consumer and service provider relationship. Furthermore, customers may also get first hand information on upcoming activities that are going to be held by the hotel.

This way, if there is a particular function going on, the customers will not have a clash with the dates when they arrive. In addition, online marketing is able to function on its own without the user being there 24 hours to check on the updates. The internet will immediately update the management on the bookings and enquires that have been made. This enables the management to be able to contact and confirm the booking with the customers as soon as they receive the request.

Lastly, customers woh do online booking through our website will be able to accumulate points and redeem gifts and even be a member of the hotel.

We are able to afford this as the internet marketing has lowered our cost in other sources of media advertising. By introducing this, customers will be attracted and may patronize the hotel more often. 13. CONCLUSION The tourism industry is constantly evolving and might one day be the largest income generator in the world.

Moreover, as tourism is one of the major sources of income for Singapore’s economy, it is of utmost importance that anyone in this industry continuously comes up with better and unique ideas that will constantly keep guests craving for more.

We, Cultural Heptagon Hotel, strive to be the best we can be and will always offer the most efficient service and accommodations for our guests. We strongly urge that you consider us as one of the top choice of hotel. With our unique style, array of interesting activities and facilities provided, not to mention our passion for being the best, guests will certainly have a stay that will leave them yearning for more.