Marketing plan Narrative Essay

Managed and worked within a team environment to carry out a full range of racketing functions. Established product selection, pricing, and programs. Designed and Implemented regional sales promotions and developed marketing programs to activate brand communication within the region. Provided direct support to the Marketing Manager.

Developed and managed the Local Store Marketing Manual to aide managers in understanding the ways in developing a specific sales program; developed and implemented the Local Store Marketing Toolbox – a sales promo kit to guide regional mangers In their vie for trading area domination tragically developed programs that will create and sustain brand awareness In a given region or territory – promotional programs that generated an additional 20% increase in sales.

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Successfully managed regional research studies that would gain competitive advantage for the brand e. . Consumer research, consumer feedback studies, and product acceptability tests. Successfully managed special and regional events that achieved maximum brand exposure, contributed campaign theme Idea that proved effective In delivering overall message. Provided direct support to the Marketing Manager, carried-out a full range of marketing functions.

Developed and strategists a range of promotions; seasonal, novelty, sales and tactical promotions in support of all above-the-line programs.

Worked with the Research Team in gathering management information as support to corporate decision-making. Developed and implemented programs that helped boost product sales through novelty and premium promotions that generated an additional 10% In sales Sustained product- ( XX ) visit frequency. Developed the store-fit, promo-fit program management that exulted a well-prepared and well-managed promotional activities that is aligned with the corporate goals and objectives.

Fresh N’ Famous Foods Inc.

– Chow king February 2003 – September 2010 (7 years 8 months) Passing City Define marketing strategies for new territories outside the Philippines. Develop, execute, and manage comprehensive marketing plan encompassing integrated marketing initiatives designed to penetrate and grow targeted markets internationally. Play a vital role in he start-up and development of the brand in a specific territory.

Plan and carry out territorial product development and market research. Played a vital role in the territorial business development through market potential analysis to help grow and expand the business in the Middle East specifically in I-JAW and Qatar.

Successfully developed highly acceptable products suited to the target market through a series of product tests, consumer and competitive tests both for I-JAW and Qatar strategically introduced the brand in Qatar through an Integrated Marketing Communication Plan.

Successfully introduced the Chow king brand in Jakarta, Indonesia by strategically identifying the brand’s competitive advantage by offering highly-acceptable products suited to the Indonesian taste and preference. Have successfully opened five ( 5 ) branches in Jakarta with an average generated sales of US$25,Behoove successfully implemented promotional activities that generated an additional 10% incremental sales. Successfully maintained and increased client base by designing and implementing strategic customer-retention projects.