Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a psychological theory that tends to differ almost completely from other human development theories development by other scholars. Fundamental feature of the theory is that human needs are placed in the context of a pyramid where fundamental and most important needs are placed at the bottom and self actualization needs placed at the top of the pyramid. Generally, the needs are stratified into groups of physiology, safety, love and belonging, esteem, and self actualization. From the advert, it becomes evident that the citizens of this country have actually satisfied their physiological needs such as breathing and sleep and what follows is their safety requirement.

The public services in jeopardy may include cuts on employment, cuts on funding for public health, or cuts on education funds. All these are safety requirements for a decent living. It is therefore evident enough that the citizens of this country are more concerned of their safety than anything else at the moment. From the video, it becomes evident enough that British Airways is first and foremost concerned about quality of the services to the customers. Throughout the video, the sound of the narrator is continually informing the consumer that British Airways has the highest standard of services than any other competing company. The second value depicted in the video is caring for customers.

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For instance, the company claims that all their passengers are assured of reaching their destinations and a safe return to their families. Such action depicts a company that is concerned about its customers’ safety. Several cultural references can be depicted from the BA video advertisement. One of them is the culture of success. It becomes evident that through hard work, the company has reached its current status.

This simply means that there is culture of success which is always associated with hard work.