The company would like to define the product strategy and pricing policies that will maximize company projected revenues in 2009. Data Availability: 1 .

Point of Sales POS Transactions: 2008 Year Laptop Sales Information 2. Laptops: Laptop’s configuration & product Information 3. Store Locations: Store’s geographical information .

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London Postcodes: Customer’s geographical Information Case study assessment charter: 1 . Uncover any data and Insights that will help the management achieve this objective (85%) 2.

Asses the relevance of data and suggest how the company can make better use of the data in 2010 to shape strategy and operations (15%) 3. Clearly define the approach (This will be a key part of the assessment measured across the above) Some key questions need to answer by deep diving into to solve the case Pricing – Are prices changing? 2.

Are prices over retail outlets consistent? 3. How does price change with configuration? Stores – How location is influencing sales? 1 . Where are the stores and customers located? 2.

Which stores are selling most? 3. How far would customers travel to buy laptop? Website: www. Analytics. Co. In Email: info@analytixlabs. Co.

In Phone: +91-88021-73069 2 Configuration – How configuration is influencing prices? 1 . What are the details of each configuration, and how does this relate to price? 2. Do all stores sell all configurations?

Revenue -How revenue is influenced by different factors? 1 . How do the sales volume in each store relate to company’s revenues? 2. How does this depend on the configuration? 3.

What statistical technique should be applied to predict the sales of the company 2010?