Math is a Very Useful Subject

Have you ever thought about how people have trouble with basic math. Math is one skill that is required to get many jobs. Math is also used in your everyday life to help you with money skills and adding and subtracting. I think that math should be reinforced in school to help kids have a better chance to get a job and to help them do better in their other subjects. The use of math is one of the most commonly required subjects for many jobs.

More and more jobs require math for as they use more computers and mechanics. In fact 75% of all jobs require proficiency in geometry and algebra. In most jobs it is needed to deal with money and you need to give change and figure basic money. Going into building and carpentry math is needed for measurements, angles and weight. If any little measurement is off than the structure or building could collapse. Finally science uses lots of math for graphing data, measuring mass, and calculations for mixing chemicals.

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Math is not only used in your profession but it will make people much more efficient with money, reading a clock, decorating, adding and subtracting, and even driving. Having number sense will make it easier to work at a cash register for change and adding up amounts. Colleges require three years of math in high school to be accepted and math is needed to find how many pages there application is or how much it would cost for tuition and for room and board. Number sense is used in reading a clock by adding by five every number and counting the number of dashes from the closest number. Math is used in decorating a house or building a house because calculating measurements uses fractions and multiples of twelve are all used.

If math was reinforced more in schools than many more people would have jobs and people would be able to get better jobs with their math skills. Many jobs are using more and more jobs every day require math because engineering and electronics are used more and more in the world. In all subjects of school math is used too, in science it is used for measuring and calculating, in social studies it is used to calculate dates and years, and in ELA math is used to count stanzas in a poem and count pages in a book or essay. Math is also a universal language so people can use it anywhere they go. Some people think that math should not be used in everyday life so we would not need to think. If this happened and less people had math skills then our world would revolve around a calculator.

People would not be able to use money, all our houses and buildings would be falling down, and chemical reactions in science labs would go terribly wrong. Math is a very life changing subject starting in school. We should have a longer time for math in school to help people get better in math so they could be more successful in their life. Helping kids get faster and smarter in math could help people in their life from reading a clock to calculating the circumference of a circle. Being better in math will also help kids in all their other subjects in school. This will be a very good thing to happen for the entire country.