Attar Pradesh Financial Corporation

Identify and analyses the environmental factors in this Answer: environmental factors outlined in this case are: a) Public Agencies: Public agencies Like power ministry and state Industrial development board play an important role in such projects. These agencies should extend all help to the entrepreneurs. B) Politics: As the industrial minister changed in the next election focus was shifted from Bassist to Sharpen.

) Too much paper work required to start the new production unit. 2. Who were all responsible for this tragic end? Answer: The organizations responsible for the tragic end re: a) Attar Pradesh government: UP government should have analyses the complete situation before hand. They should have made sure that all 1 OFF ten necessary Tactless to run a Industry was In place. B) Power Ministry: Power ministry should have given high priority to this project as it would add to the industrialization of India.

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Success of such projects would have encouraged others to take up entrepreneurship as an option.

C) Attar Pradesh Financial Corporation (FPC): FPC should have insured all the loans with some insurance company. This would not add to the burden of the entrepreneurs as they ad no money to pay the hefty amount since the business never took-off. The loans could have been recovered from insurance companies in case of default. D) Political parties: As the industrial minister changed the focus shifted from Bassist to Sharpen. 3.

It is right on the part of the government and promotional agencies to woo entrepreneurs by promising facilities and incentives which they are not sure of being able to provide? Answer: No, it’s not right on the part of the government and promotional agencies to woo entrepreneurs by promising facilities and incentives which they are not sure of Ewing able to provide. The only thing that entrepreneurs focus on is the business and gobo. Should not entangle them into legal hassles, entrepreneur’s core activity is doing business and not roaming around in gobo. Apartments for loans, clearances and electricity supply. The gobo.

Should have done more to ensure that the infrastructural facilities like power were in place. Just making plans on paper I not enough, gobo. Should take steps to ensure that the plan is implemented effectively and efficiently. 4 snouts tenure De legislation to compensate entrepreneurs Tort ten loss stutters Owe o the irresponsibility of public agencies? What problems are likely to be solved and created by such legislation?

Answer: Yes, there should be a legislation to compensate entrepreneurs for the loss suffered due to the irresponsibility of public agencies. Problems likely to be solved: a) Compensation grant in case of failure to fulfill the promise by the public agencies b) Protection from bankruptcy in case of small businessman and entrepreneurs who have limited capital and are unable to pay debts. Problems created by such legislation a) Inappropriate/luminescent compensation b) Delay in giving compensation.