Business Strategy McDonalds

Business Strategy enhance the message that McDonald’s is value driven on behalf of its customers by emphasizing their profitable value-meal combinations provide exceptional customer care by exceeding customer expectations, including finding ways to add personal touches that go beyond convenient locations, quick service, clean restaurants and quality products remain an efficient producer while maintaining quality by looking to innovations in food processing, construction and design operations that will increase global profits McDonald’s founding principles

Quality, Service, Cleanliness & Value ( Q.

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S. C. &V. ) Longevity in various community projects like education, healthcare, medical research and rehabilitation. Environmental Concern in General Environmental concerns have become important in recent years, with the wider impact of doing business increasingly recognized by consumers as a factor in their buyer behavior. Ways to minimize the environmental impact of their operations.

Many businesses are the impact of their positive effect of a attitude is that it may prefer to purchase products. Cooking for ways to lower energy consumption. The responsible environmental attract new customers who more ethically derived Environmental Concern for McDonald’s Faced criticism for its environmental policies especially for Polystyrene Clamshell containers in the late asses Protest by Citizen Clearinghouse Hazardous waste (CHEW) during 1987 Protest by school children under group “Kids Against Polystyrene” in 1989 Praise for its competitor, Burger King for taking suitable initiatives on environmental issues.

Why is the environment strategy important to McDonald’s 0 Being leading brand globally, it is rather greater social responsibility of any organization to be accountable for environment 0 McDonald’s founding principles and strategic priorities towards being a value driven company 0 Several stage wise protests by Citizens Clearing House for Hazardous Waste namely “Ronald Mac Toxic Campaign” and “Mockup’ 0 Protest by the important customers like school children under group called ” Kids Against Polystyrene”. Praise for competitor “Berger King” for better environmental initiatives stunt US Regulations on the issues of Environmental Regulations 0 To safeguard own business interest as huge UAPITA investment and sales turnover 0 To be accountable to the public who are also existing customers and mode for revenue generation 0 To protect the environment for future 0 To establish the belief that business leaders must also be environmental leaders 0 Accountability towards stakeholder In what way McDonald’s incorporated an environmental strategy in its operation 0 Joining hands with Environmental Defense Fund (EDP) to resolve issues related to disposal of solid 0 Creation to task force consists of experts from EDP, McDonald’s and Packaging purchaser 0 Making policy for taking lifestyle approach to educing and managing solid waste up to great extent.

Educating customers about the company’s environmental activities and positions 0 Preparation of Environmental policy and delegating authority to Environmental Affairs Officer for enforcing adherence to standards. 0 Adopting collaborative approach by including suppliers and organizing annual environmental conference intended to train suppliers along with reviews and evaluations. 0 Developing following initiatives for protecting the environment: 0 Source Reduction-An initiative to reduce the weight and quantity of materials being used for snacking and responsible for solid waste generation at source level itself 0 Reuse-Thrust on using such materials in behind the counters ( where 80% waste are generated) which can be reused.

Recycling- Using packaging materials which may be recycled easily and should adhere the regulations set by largest user of recycled paper in US Composition-selecting packing materials ( mainly paper packaging) in such a way that the same along with food organics could be composed. Accomplishments Redesign of Cold cup Reduced large Cold cup Reduced density of breakfast leads Reduced density of slain Machine package Reduce density of Small Clamshell Smaller Napkin Oriented unwrapped bulk cutlery Convert to Jumbo roll toilet tissue Reduce gauge of Sundae Cup % Weight Reduction 10.

20% 6. 00% 14. 50% 6. 60% 8. 50% 23% Reduced breakfast sandwich foam with Sandwich Wrap Increased corrugated usage for 10:1 Meat Boxes Replace Sandwich foam with Wrap (I)weight (ii)Volume Down sized Mac D. L.


Package 59% 1% 32% an environment strategy by McDonald’s Being a leader in own business is not necessarily the leader of other field also, hence partnership with competent person/ organization is needed Environmental issues are concern for every member of society hence it should be responsibility of all concerned to actively participate in it. It was need of the time to take help from the expertise in the field of environmental protection. Preparation of Joint Task Force with EDP, educating customers and collaborating with suppliers is example of partnership in dealing with environmental issues and implementation of environmental strategy. Taking feedbacks, ideas from expertise and involving all stakeholders may be better idea to implement environment strategy. Thank You